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Plan Your Commute Ahead: LRT-1 To Operate Half-Day On 20th August

LRT-1 to commence half-day operations on Sunday

Get ready for a one-day twist in your commute routine. The LRT-1 is set for a half-day operational run on 20th August.  This will prompt passengers to rethink their travel plans before the day gets here.

Limited operations on 20th August

LRT- 1 half day - schedule on 20th august
Image credit: Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC)

The LRT-1 line will be experiencing a change in its usual schedule. On 20th August from 4.30am to 11.59am, operations will run for a half a day to make way for signaling system activities.

The first trains in Roosevelt and Baclaran will begin operations at 12pm and the last trains will maintain their 9.30pm and 9.45pm schedules. Daily commuters are advised to take note of this adjustment and plan their journeys accordingly.

Maintenance and upgrades

LRT-1 train
Image credit: LMP 2001 via Wikipedia 

According to the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC), the limited operations are for maintenance and upgrade activities aimed at enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of the LRT-1 system. These improvements are part of ongoing efforts to provide passengers with a more reliable and comfortable travel experience.

LRT-1 Roosevelt station
Roosevelt Station in Quezon City
Image credit: Judgefloro via Wikipedia

LRT-1 is also in the midst of a new software installation, which’ll be arranged in line with signaling system for the LRT-1 Cavite Extension. By then, the system of Roosevelt Station in QC will be able to reach the upcoming Dr. Santos Station in Parañaque.

Once the entire project is done, travel time between Baclaran and Bacoor should be lessened to 25 minutes instead of the usual one hour and 10 minutes.

Alternative transportation

LRT- 1 half day - alternative transportation
Image adapted from: Judgefloro via Wikipedia, Jelte Sikkema via KLM Blog

As a result of the half-day operations, commuters are encouraged to explore alternative transportation options during the affected hours.

Public buses, jeepneys, and other modes of transportation can help bridge this gap and ensure that everyone reaches their destinations with minimal inconvenience.

Plan ahead

It’s clear that it’ll take a bit of adjusting. But in any case, you should stay informed, stay ahead, and make sure that you’re well-prepared for the adjusted LRT-1 operations on 20th August.

With these enhancements, a smoother and more efficient commuting experience is on the horizon!

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Cover image adapted from: Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC)