Designer cake and custom cake shops in Metro Manila

Celebrations aren’t complete without cakes – dessert centerpieces that elevate not just your handa but the overall mood of the party. But sometimes, traditional ready-made cakes aren’t enough – designer cakes and custom cakes that have a little bit more detail help celebrants create more lasting memories out of a special occasion.

To help you find the right bakeshop for your taste, we’ve listed down below a list of 10 Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake shops that will level up your next event.

1. The Pink Butter Cake Studio – sculpted cakes and decorative cupcakes

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake
Image credit: @thepinkbutter via Instagram 

Pulling off a theme at a party requires attention to details, such as having desserts with specially designed visuals. If you’re thinking of celebrating your next event with a theme you fancy from animals to florals, Pink Butter customizes both cakes and cupcakes, from sculpted cakes such as Pusheen-inspired cakes to animal-themed and holiday cupcakes.

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Pink ButterImage adapted from: @thepinkbutter, @thepinkbutter via Instagram 

You can have a Sculpted Pusheen Unicorn Cat Cake at P6,000 (~USD124.32), carved with icing that resembles the visual details of the unicorn cat. Or if you’re thinking of a dog-themed event, a set of customized cupcakes, such as the cupcakes adorned with icings of faces of dog breeds, starts at P960 for 6 (~USD19.89).

Aside from these decorative sweets, you can also ask Pink Butter to design simpler, Korean minimalist cakes when you want a more laid-back celebration. 

Address: 27 Masbate St., Brgy. Nayong Kanluran, Quezon City, 1104 Metro Manila
Opening hours: 9am-5pm, Daily
Contact: 0968 228 1963

The Pink Butter Cake Studio Facebook| Instagram

2. Naked Patisserie – naked cakes for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Naked PatisserieSweet Wintle
Image credit: Naked Patisserie 

Cakes’ icings vary, and the opposite of cakes with dollops of icing we’ve seen as kids are naked or minimalist cakes draped with minimal frosting that just barely coats the cake. You can find these cakes adorned with lavish decorations at Naked Patisserie, founded by food and travel blogger Christian Marc Jacobs.

Their naked cakes come in diverse designs for various occasions, from weddings to birthdays – Sweet Wintle (price upon inquiry), a three-layer naked designer cake encircled with light-colored roses, is ideal for weddings.

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Naked PatisserieCommon’ Confetti (left) and Boys’ Night Out (right)
Image adapted from: Naked Patisserie, Naked Patisserie 

For anniversaries or birthdays, Common’ Confetti (P15,000, ~USD310.81) is a semi-naked cake sprinkled with colorful toppings, and the Boys’ Night Out (P10,000, ~USD207.21) is perfect for celebrating gents, with a premium chocolate topping accentuated with a miniature Jack Daniel’s whiskey bottle. 

Address: 4 North Sikap, cor. San Rafael, Plainview, Mandaluyong City, 1550 Metro Manila
Opening hours: 9am-6pm, Daily
Contact: 0945 468 5141 | 0965 139 6609 | Naked Patisserie’s website
Email: [email protected]

Naked Patisserie Facebook | Instagram

3. Swell Sweets Cake Lab – anime and K-pop-themed fondant desserts

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Swell Sweets Cake LabImage adapted from: Swell Sweets Cake Lab, Swell Sweets Cake Lab via Facebook

J-culture lovers and K-pop stans would love the idea of celebrating their birthdays with desserts designed with edible wafer papers with pictures of their favorite anime characters or K-pop groups. Swell Sweets Cake Lab can add these to your for custom-made designer cakes and cupcakes. 

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Swell Sweets Cake LabImage adapted from: Swell Sweets Cake Lab, Swell Sweets Cake Lab via Facebook

You can have a 6-inch fondant cake (from P3,950, ~USD81.84), coated with heavy sugar paste, and customized with edible wafer paper pictures of Naruto, characters from Haikyu, members of Blackpink, or whatever you choose.

For those who have more minimalist preferences, the bakery can also make naked cakes (from P4,500, ~USD93.24) customized with floral elements. 

Address: GF Trion Tower 2, 2 McKinley Parkway, Taguig City, 1634 Metro Manila
Opening hours: Mon, Wed-Thu 8am-4pm | Tue, Fri 8am-4.30pm (Closed Saturdays & Sundays)
Contact: 0917 536 7827 | Swell Sweets Cake Lab’s website
Email: [email protected]

Swell Sweets Cake Lab Facebook | Instagram

4. Custom Cakes by Bam – letter and number cakes

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Custom Cakes by Bam
Image credit: @customcakesbybam via Instagram

We often mark celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries with numbers, so if you’re planning for a 1st birthday or a 50th anniversary, you can check out Custom Cakes by Bam. They specialize in designing numerical and letter cakes consisting of cupcakes (P135 or ~USD2.80 each for floral cupcakes; P155 or ~USD3.21 each for customized cupcakes) that you can pull apart.

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Custom Cakes by BamImage credit: Custom Cakes by Bam via Facebook

The number of cupcakes needed per number or letter cake will depend on the character’s form, but to give you an idea, 9 cupcakes are needed to shape the number 1, while 10 are needed for the number 2. 

Address: 87-A, Don A. Roces Avenue, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila
Contact: 0919 008 7883 | 0919 008 7884
Email: [email protected]

Custom Cakes by Bam Facebook | Instagram

5. Cottontail Cake Studio – animal and character fondant cakes

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Cottontail Cake Studio
Image credit: @cottontailcakestudio via Instagram

Backyard parties are more fun with a dash of pastel colors that add a playful vibe. Cottontail Cake Studio designs fondant designer cakes (from P6,500, ~USD134.65 for 6-inch cakes) for kids in elegant pastel colors, topped with plenty of 3D toppers such as miniatures of animals and popular anime characters such as Pikachu.

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Cottontail Cake Studio
Image credit: @cottontailcakestudio via Instagram

They also craft custom-made cupcakes (from P3,800, ~USD78.72 for 12), so you can create a theme or multiple themes with your party’s desserts. 

Address: Elizabeth Hall Building, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, 1111 Quezon City
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11am-6pm (Closed Mondays, Saturdays, & Sundays)
Email: [email protected]

Cottontail Cake Studio Facebook | Instagram

6. Aegyo Cakes – affordable Korean minimalist cakes

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Aegyo Cakes
Image credit: @aegyocakes via Instagram 

Minimalism isn’t just a Korean fashion trend – it’s extended to their desserts such as cakes. Draped with a single layer of frosting and adorned with simple visuals or text, Korean minimalist cakes have also become popular in the Philippines – and Aegyo Cakes is now bringing them to Quezon City. 

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Aegyo Cakes
Image credit: @aegyocakes via Instagram 

Ask them to add a funny greeting or to paint an abstract visual of your favorite K-drama character over your cake – at an affordable price point. Customized standard cakes start at P1,300 (~USD22.86, 6 inches), while customized lunch box cakes, or mini cakes that can be eaten as a casual dessert, start at P500 (~USD8.80, 4 inches)

Address: 36 Scout Tuason, Diliman, Quezon City
Contact: Aegyo Cakes’ website
Email: [email protected]

Aegyo Cakes Facebook | Instagram

7. Honey Glaze Cakes – giant custom cakes

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Honey Glaze Cakes
Image credit: Honey Glaze

Some events only happen once in our lifetime, such as 18th birthday debuts and weddings. Giant custom cakes make them extra special, adding grand, eye-catching centerpieces marking the importance of your celebration. You can inquire with Honey Glaze Cakes, founded by Pastry Chef Aileen Conde, for giant, multilayered customized cakes for all kinds of celebrations, be they weddings, birthdays, or debuts. 

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Honey Glaze Cakes
Image adapted from: @honeyglazecakes via Instagram 

Trust the capable hands of their bakers to create the designer cakes of your dreams, such as a cake sculpted into a castle and decorated with character miniatures. A 3-layer cake with edible bottom starts at P10,000 (~USD207.31), while a 2-layer cake starts at P8,500 (~USD176.05)

Address: Ocampo Street, Don Jose Heights Commonwealth, Quezon City
Opening hours: Thu-Tue 9am-6.30pm | Wednesday 10am-6.30pm
Contact: 0920 952 5166 | 0917 521 4883 | Honey Glaze’s website
Email: [email protected]

Honey Glaze Cakes Facebook | Instagram

8. Richelle Floral Cakes – floral and plant-themed custom desserts

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Richelle Floral Cakes
Image credit: @richellefloralcakes via Instagram 

For plantitos and plantitas, celebrations deserve a dessert with colorful floral and plant icing. Richelle Floral Cakes makes such custom floral and botanical-themed cakes and cupcakes – even including icing shaped like succulents that are all the rage with home decorators. 

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Richelle Floral CakesImage adapted from: @richellefloralcakes, @richellefloralcakes via Instagram 

Custom round floral designer cakes start at P3,500 (~USD72.49, 8×4 inch), while a dozen custom floral and plant-themed cupcakes start at P1,750 (~USD36.27). They also have ready-to-buy sets of cupcakes, featuring rose, daisy, and sunflower-shaped icing, starting at P1,500 (~USD31.09) each. 

Address: Based in Fairview, Quezon City, exact address available upon enquiry
Contact: 0998 203 4445
Email: [email protected]

Richelle Floral Cakes Facebook | Instagram

9. Bibi’s Cakes – themed and creative birthday cakes

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - Bibi's cakes
Image adapted from: Bibi’s Cakes, Bibi’s Cakes via Facebook 

If you’re looking for really fun, themed, and creative custom birthday cakes, then Bibi’s Cakes might be what you’re looking for. From kids’ to an adult’s birthday cake , sky’s the limit when it comes to customizations. Aside from themes, you can even ask to turn your cake into a pulling cake for occasions such as baby gender reveals or prize money to give your loved one.

Each custom cake starts at P2,500 (~USD43.99).

Bibi's cakes - cookies and cake pops
Image adapted from: Bibi’s Cakes, Bibi’s Cakes via Facebook 

They also offer other baked goods such as cookies, custom cupcakes (P80-P100, ~USD1.41-USD1.76 each), and custom cake pops (P85, ~USD1.50 each) to add along with your cake. They can be contacted through call, text, Viber, and social media pages for placing orders.

Address: 69B Agudo, Barrio San Jose, Caloocan, 1404 Kalakhang Maynila
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm (Closed Sundays)
Contact: 0998 996 5600
Email: [email protected]

Bibi’s Cakes Facebook | Instagram

10. KO Pâtissier – elegant mirror glazed cakes

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - KO Patissier
Image credit: KO Pâtissier via Facebook

Aside from Korean minimalist cakes, mirror glaze cakes have also been a trend for quite some time. If that’s what you’re looking for, then KO Pâtissier has got you covered.

Their Mirror Glaze Mousse Cakes (P2,600-P3,500, ~USD45.75-USD61.58) can suit any occasion thanks to their elegant designs. You can pick the shape, design, and choose from their list of flavors such as Golden Mousse, Caramel Hazelnut, and Coconut Passion Fruit.

KO Patissier - bonbons and dragees
Image adapted from: KO Pâtissier, KO Pâtissier via Facebook

KO Pâtissier is also known for their Handcrafted Bonbons (P1,700, ~USD29.91 per box of 16) and Chocolate Dragees (P600, ~USD10.56). Equally elegant-looking, you can check them out too for last-minute, but still impressive, gift ideas.

Address: Ground Floor, Admiral Hotel Manila, MGallery, 2138 Roxas Boulevard 1004 Malate, Manila
Contact: 0917 626 1697
Email: [email protected]

KO Pâtissier Facebook | Instagram

11. Cakeshop by Sonja – variety of seasonal cakes and cupcakes

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - cakeshop by sonja
Image adapted from: Cupcakes by Sonja, Cupcakes by Sonja via Facebook

Cakeshop by Sonja is a great option if you’re looking for custom seasonal cakes and cupcakes. May it be for Christmas or Valentine’s Day, this cakeshop has an eye for detail with every design created.

Additionally, they offer plant-based alternatives for cupcakes (from P145, ~USD2.58) and DIY kits (from P600, ~USD10.68) for a more personal touch.

Depending on the custom cake, the shop requires a few days’ lead time to process your order. Each custom cake starts at P400 (~USD7.12) while cupcakes start at P120 (~USD2.14) a piece.

Address: 1CO3, Ground Floor, Serendra Retail Area, BGC, Taguig City
Opening hours:
10am-8pm, Daily
Contact: 0917 193 1062 | Cakeshop by Sonja’s website
Email: [email protected]

All store locations here.

Cupcakes by Sonja Facebook | Instagram

12. The Flour Girl – designer specialty cakes

Metro Manila designer cake and custom cake - the flour girl
Image adapted from: The Flour Girl, The Flour Girl via Facebook

If you like elaborate showstopper custom cakes, then The Flour Girl might be the best option for you. From their Upside Down Ice Cream Cakes (from P3,500, ~USD62.38) to their specialty Fried Chicken Cake (P4,800, ~USD85.55), you’re free to choose the flavor, size, and add a personal touch upon request.

For themed cakes, the rate starts at P11,000 (~USD196.06).

the flour girl - smash and tinghun cakes
Image adapted from: @theflourgirl, @theflourgirl via Instagram

They also offer Tinghun Cakes (from P24,000, ~USD427.77) for traditional weddings, and Smash Cakes (from P2,800, ~USD49.91) for a fun activity for kids.

This shop offers pick-up and delivery options within the metro.

Address: Ground Floor, D’Ace Plaza, Brixton Cor. United St., Kapitolyo, Pasig
Opening hours: 9am-5pm, Daily
Contact: 0916 697 9452 | The Flour Girl’s website
Email: [email protected]

The Flour Girl Facebook | Instagram

Metro Manila designer cakes and custom cake shops

A celebration is indeed more fun with designer and custom cakes, crafted according to your preferences by skilled hands. Elevate the theme of your next stay-home event or even a Christmas party with these designer cakes and custom cakes from Metro Manila shops that make for a grand, decorated party dessert. 

Also, check out up and coming Filipino food brands, affordable courier services in the Philippines, and date ideas in Metro Manila. Visit The Smart Local Philippines to discover more.

Cover image adapted from: Naked Patisserie, @thepinkbutter via Instagram, Swell Sweets Cake Lab via Facebook

Article originally published by Addie Pobre on November 2020. Last updated by Jaya Fanoga on February 2024.

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