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Latitude Bean+Bar: Hidden Gem In Manila That Serves Peanut Sesame Cold Noodles & Foccacia Pizza

Latitude Bean+Bar

There are plenty of restaurants and bars in Metro Manila for good food and drinks. Sometimes, we want to enjoy sumptuous restaurant food but we also want to be away from the crowd.

For this, check out Latitude Bean+Bar in Malate, Manila. It’s an underrated spot with great ambiance, innovative recipes, and a variety of drinks – from coffee to craft beer.

Dark, cozy interior

Latitude Bean+Bar - interior
Latitude Bean+Bar’s interior.
Image credit: @latitudebeanbar

The cafe-&-bar has a modern yet cozy interior. Sitting on their leather couch will make you feel as if you’re just hanging out or drinking at home.

And if soft light and ambient sounds bring you comfort, this dining spot is the perfect brunch or drinking spot for you.

Trendy cafe food

Latitude Bean+Bar - Peanut Sesame Noodles
Peanut sesame cold noodles.
Image credit: @acwong888

Latitude Bean+Bar serves light brunch recipes all day.

These include the trendy peanut sesame cold noodles (P220, ~USD4.04) that we’ve all been seeing on social media lately. They even put twists on classic cafe food, with dishes such as focaccia pizza (P345, ~USD6.33).

Focaccia Pizza
Foccacia pizza.
Image credit: @theonewithheradventures

The cafe also has Sunday-exclusive brunch items as well as monthly specials. Among these, there’s plant-based tocino (sweet cured mock pork) for vegan diners.

Coffee and other refreshments

Latitude Bean+Bar - Coffee
Coffee-based drinks.
Image credit: @latitudebeanbar

You can rely on Latitude Bean +Bar for your coffee fix. They have expresso, Americano, and a variety of lattes. There’s also Vietnamese coffee (P175, ~USD3.21) if you’re craving that distinct, bolder flavor.

They also offer non-coffee drinks, including unique soda flavors such as strawberry basil (P155, ~USD2.84) and matcha yuzu (P170, ~USD3.12).

Alcoholic drinks

Latitude Bean+Bar - alcoholic drinks
Various cocktails.
Image credit: @latitudebeanbar

The bar serves alcoholic drinks from Tuesdays to Sundays, starting at 4.30pm.

During this time, they serve cocktails such as mojito, mai tai, and whiskey sour. However, you should definitely try their specialty drinks (P380, ~USD6.97).

Latitude Bean+Bar - Sweet Night
Sweet Night.
Image credit: Latitude Bean+Bar

Red Light Mabini is whiskey with homemade stout syrup and bitters. If you want a drink that’s on the sweet side, go for Sweet Night which has ube (purple yam) liqueur, coconut rum, dark rum, and milk.

Latitude Bean+Bar also offers craft beer, including honey wheat ale (P190, ~USD3.49) and guyabano (soursop) hard cider (P190, ~USD3.49).

Latitude Bean+Bar is a hidden gem for brunch and dinner dates

If you’re looking for a brunch or drinking spot in Manila, consider checking out Latitude Bean+Bar in Malate.

It’s not as crowded as most dining spots and it has a great ambiance, delicious food, and unique drinks.

Address: 1851 Pilar Hidalgo Lim, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Opening hours:
Mon 11am-7pm | Tue-Sun 11am-11pm
0967 221 5545
Latitude Bean+Bar’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @latitudebeanbar, @latitudebeanbar, @latitudebeanbar