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DFA Helping Filipinos Evacuate From Ukraine Amid Russia’s Invasion, 13 Safely Welcomed In Poland

Filipinos evacuate from Ukraine in the midst of war

With the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, declaring an invasion of Ukraine, Filipinos who reside in the country have immediately been in touch with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) for safety and evacuation assistance.

40 have safely arrived in Lviv, Ukraine, so far, with 13 making it out to neighboring Poland.

DFA advises the estimated 380 Filipinos in Ukraine to take caution

evacuees awaiting repatriation
40 Filipinos awaiting repatriation in Lviv, Poland
Image credit: Department of Foreign Affairs

According to a Philippine News Agency article, an estimated total of 380 Filipinos are residing in Ukraine. However, only 181 Filipinos have been in contact with the DFA.

Foreign Secretary, Teodoro L. Locsin Jr., ensures Filipinos that they are on high alert for those who wish to be repatriated.

Moreover, while organizing evacuation efforts, the DFA advises Filipinos who are still in Ukraine to be safe and careful with their actions until they’re given help.

40 are in Lviv, Ukraine, and another 13 in Poland

DFA Evacuates Filipinos From Ukraine - 40 evacuees from Kyiv arrive in Lviv
40 Filipinos have been safely evacuated to Lviv from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine
Image credit: Department of Foreign Affairs

After communicating with the Philippine embassies in Poland and Hungary, 40 Filipinos have managed to exit Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, and have been evacuated to Lviv in Ukraine. They are awaiting further instructions and information.

DFA Evacuates Filipinos From Ukraine - 13 evacuees welcomed by foreign secretary Teodoro Locsin in Poland
13 Filipinos evacuate from Ukraine with DFA Secretary, Teodoro L. Locsin, Jr.
Image credit: Department of Foreign Affairs

Meanwhile, Locsin welcomed 13 evacuees at the Rava-Ruska-Hrebbenne Border Crossing Station in Poland after they spent five hours waiting on board a bus.

Even though they have already been evacuated, some Filipinos in Poland remain undecided whether they would stay or go home. Undersecretary Sarah Arriola mentioned that the reason for this is either because of work reasons or their family members who may still be in Kyiv, and DFA is hoping that the issue will be resolved soon.

For Filipinos still in Ukraine

Filipinos in Ukraine should be rest assured that the DFA is there for you to turn to if you need help. As much as possible, make sure to stay safe and remain observant, and if possible, contact the Philippine Embassy in Poland.

Email: [email protected]
Emergency hotline: +48 604 357 396
Office mobile number: +48 694 491 663

For those near the borders of Moldova and Romania, you may contact the Philippine Embassy in Budapest.


Emergency hotline: +36 30 202 1760
Assistance-to-Nationals Officer mobile number: +36 30 074 5656
Viber: +63 966 340 4725

Philippine Honorary Consulate in Moldova

Look for Consul Victor Gaina

Email: [email protected] | [email protected]
Mobile number & Whatsapp: +37369870870

DFA’s Facebook Page | OFW Help’s Facebook Page

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