Eng Bee Tin is now at SM Megamall

For those living in the heart of Metro Manila who can’t easily find Eng Bee Tin treats, good news.

The shop has just opened their stall at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong – so now more of us are closer to getting our fix of hopia flavors from ube to pineapple, as well as other food products from the classic Binondo store.

Shop Eng Bee Tin’s line of hopia, tikoy, and more

Eng Bee Tin Megamall
Image adapted from: SM MEGAMALL

You can now get as many items of hopia, tikoy, as well as pasalubong finds at the Eng Bee Tin Megamall branch located at Lower Ground Level Mega A.

Eng Bee Tin Megamall
Image adapted from: SM MEGAMALL

Classics from Hopia Ube to Hopia Mongo are available, but you can also expect offerings that you probably haven’t tasted. There’s Hopia Piña for those who also love pastries with pineapple bits, and Hopia Buko Pandan with natural pandan extract.

Eng Bee Tin - Golden Pork Floss
Image adapted from: SM MEGAMALL

What’s more, there’s even a box of Golden Pork Floss Hopia, pastries with a dried wool-like pork filling with a fluffy texture.

Enjoy 20% off on select items

If you’re planning to give the branch a visit one of these days, you may want to do so before 18th September. They currently have a 5-day opening sale that began on 14th September. You can get 20% off all items, besides frozen products, if you purchase goodies with a minimum total of P500 (~USD10.04).

But if you can’t pay a visit in person at the moment, Eng Bee Tin has an online store on its official website, as well as on Shopee and Lazada.

Eng Bee Tin opens at SM Megamall

If there’s one dessert that many of us love about our Chinese delicacies, hopia indeed comes to mind. After all, the small, round pastry filled with delicious fillings has become a favorite, what with Filipino-Chinese shops adapting the dessert to the palates of Filipinos.

Thankfully, it’s now more accessible with the opening of the Eng Bee Tin branch at SM Megamall.

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Cover image adapted from: SM MEGAMALL

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