Chinese lucky charms

We’re almost a month into the new year. But for those who are Chinese or follow Chinese traditions, the lunar new year is just around the corner, presenting a brand-new start.

To manifest better luck in the lunar new year, here are some Chinese lucky charms for your career, business, and relationships, what they mean, and where to find them.

1. Lucky Cat – brings prosperity to businesses

Chinese Lucky Charms - Lucky CatImage credit: Paul Buijs via Pexels

You might have come across Lucky Cats in stores and restaurants, regardless of whether they’re Chinese-owned. The cat waves its paw to attract wealth, luck, and customers.

To enhance your business’ financial luck, consider getting a gold or calico lucky cat. Typically, this lucky charm is positioned near the entrance or the cash register of a business establishment to invite good fortune.

2. Bagua – protects the home from negative energy

Chinese Lucky Charms - Bagua

Image credit: eBay PH

Baguas often carry a somewhat ominous reputation among Filipinos, thanks to its portrayal in the Kris Aquino horror film Feng Shui (2004). But don’t worry – baguas are not inherently haunted.

If you’re planning to build a house, it can be used as a Feng Shui guide to balance the energy in 8 key areas in life. These include wealth and prosperity, love and marriage, and career and life path.

Meanwhile, the ornament itself works as a protector against negative energy. As such, it is recommended to put it at the door and never inside the home.

3. Dragon Turtle – enhances career luck

Dragon Turtle

Image adapted from: Amazon

With the head of a dragon and the body of a turtle, the Dragon Turtle ornament combines success and longevity which these animals represent, respectively.

This charm is particularly beneficial for individuals starting their careers or students aspiring to achieve academic success.

To enhance its effectiveness, place it in your office or the knowledge sector of your home based on your bagua, but avoid placing it in your bedroom.

4. Laughing Buddha – symbolizes abundance, happiness, and contentment

Chinese Lucky Charms -Laughing Buddha

Image credit: @vintagestatemarket via Instagram

The key to Laughing Buddha figurines is to get the largest one that fits your space. The bigger and rounder the Buddha’s belly, the more auspicious it is.

Some even believe that rubbing the Laughing Buddha’s belly will make your wishes come true.

Apart from attracting wealth, due to its joyous smile, the ornament is also said to bring happiness and contentment.

For maximum effect, place it in your home or business, facing the main door.

5. Money Tree – ornament or real plants that bring in wealth

Chinese Lucky Charms - Money Tree

Image credit: @theindian_hand via Instagram

If you own a business, you not only want to attract wealth but also foster good relationships with your employees. Money trees can help you achieve both.

Money trees typically refer to the gold-colored tree ornament with quartz gemstones or coins as leaves, sold in Chinese lucky charm stores.

But if you prefer to bring greenery into your home, you can consider plants like pilea, Guiana chestnut, or lucky bamboo. These are low-maintenance plants that also symbolize prosperity.

6. Mandarin Ducks – used to strengthen marriage or manifest love

Mandarin Ducks

Image credit: Amazon

Mandarin ducks mate for life so they symbolize couples staying together. Thus, these Chinese lucky charms create harmony, improving your romantic life and the quality of your relationship.

For couples, place a pair of Mandarin ducks in the southwest corner of the master bedroom. Whether you choose ornaments, a painting, or a photo, make sure there are only two ducks.

Single individuals can also use Mandarin ducks to manifest a relationship. But instead of putting them in a corner of your room, place them on your bedside table.

7. Pi Yao bracelets – wearable Chinese lucky charms

Chinese Lucky Charms - Pi Yao Bracelets

Image credit: @24kpiyaocharm via Instagram

For a wearable lucky charm, check out pi yao or pixiu bracelets.

These bracelets are crafted with beads made from quartz gemstones, with 1 or 2 beads shaped like pi yao or pixiu. This mythical creature, with the head of a lion and the wings of a dragon, symbolizes wealth, good fortune, and protection.

Wear this bracelet on your left hand as wearing it on the right symbolizes giving away wealth instead of attracting it.

Where to find Chinese lucky charms in Metro Manila

Binondo ChinatownImage credit: Kris toffer via Google Maps

If you want to get one of these lucky charms, Binondo Chinatown boasts numerous lucky charm stores so you can find the best deals.

But for a more convenient shopping experience, you can also explore online platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop. Make sure to check reviews to ensure the quality of the items.

Grab your Chinese lucky charms for the Lunar New Year

While some may consider lucky charms to be mere placebos, it never hurts to err on the side of caution and keep some on hand. Whether they genuinely work or not, if having them boosts your confidence, they’re bound to bring positive vibes your way.

If you’re looking into lucky charms shopping in Manila’s Chinatown, here are more things to do in Binondo. For those searching for Chinese restaurants for the Lunar New Year, consider these Chinese restaurants in Metro Manila.

Cover image adapted from: @24kpiyaocharm via Instagram, Paul Buijs via Pexels, Amazon

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