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Boy Uses Birthday Cash To Feed Stray Cats, Gets Concerned Citizens, NGOs & Businesses’ Support

8-year old boy uses birthday cash to feed stray cats

Many people put off fighting for a cause they believe in, as this is a huge responsibility. However, this is not the case for 8-year old Luke Dale “Deydey” Rosario who’s popular on Facebook for feeding stray cats in his community daily.

On 18 September, the young boy from Dasmariñas, Cavite even went viral on Facebook for using the cash gifts he had received on his birthday to buy cat food for the strays. Moved by his kindness, netizens, NGOs, and businesses have sent Deydey financial and in-kind donations to support his cause.

How Deydey started feeding stray cats

Stray Cats - Deydey going to feed stray cats 1
Deydey on his way to feed the strays
Image credit: Deydey and the Mimings

Deydey’s love for cats started in 2020 when his family took in a stray cat. His mom, Mayanne, saw her son’s fondness for his pet and posted photos of Deydey and his beloved cat on a Facebook group for cat lovers. A netizen who found Deydey adorable gave him 2 more cats.

The young boy began feeding stray cats when his pets didn’t finish their food. He asked his mom if they could feed it to the strays he saw in their neighborhood. His mom agreed and went with him to feed the cats, but Deydey looked upset when they returned home.

Stray cats - Deydey feeding stray cats in his community
Deydey feeding the strays
Image credit: Deydey and the Mimings

When his mom asked why, Deydey asked her what the strays would eat the following day. Although his mom explained that they can hunt for their food, Deydey offered to open his piggy bank and use the money he had been saving to buy a phone to buy cat food for the strays.

Since then, Deydey has fed the stray cats in his community daily. Every time he is asked what gift he wants, he always asks for food for stray cats, according to his mom Mayanne.

Support from concerned citizens, NGOs, and businesses

Stray Cats - Deydey & donations from PAWSsion project
Deydey with cat food donations from PAWSsion project NGO

Image credit: Deydey and the Mimings 

His mom continued to post photos of Deydey feeding the strays and even made a Facebook page for Deydey and the mimings. Many people were delighted with Deydey that messages from netizens started flooding in, asking how they can help with Deydey’s cause.

Today, Deydey receives cash and in-kind donations not only from concerned citizens on the internet. He’s also currently being supported by the NGO PAWSsion Project and businesses such as Meow Cafe. The organization The Cat House has also offered to spay stray cats in Deydey’s community.

How to help Deydey feed stray cats

When asked what his message for people who want to help stray cats in their own community, Deydey said, “Kahit sino po kaya[ng] magpakain ng mga miming. Ako pong bata nagawa ko [kaya] kayo rin pong mata[ta]nda sa’kin magagawa n’yo po.” (“Anyone can feed mimings. If a child like me can do it, adults can do it too.”)

He even added, “Sana po ‘wag n’yo sila[ng] saktan kasi parang tao rin po sila na may pakiramdam.” (“Please don’t hurt them because, like humans, they also have feelings.”)

Those who would like to help Deydey feed stray cats can message his Facebook page, Deydey and the Mimings.

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Cover image adapted from: Deydey and the Mimings and Deydey and the Mimings