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Aranya Resort In Bulacan: Where Adventure & Nature Lovers Can Dip In A Cliffside Pool, Ride ATVs, & Hike

Aranya Resort

Nowadays, we often find ourselves going for something thrilling to do in nature – from obstacle courses to hedge mazes to even hikes in the woods.

For your next adventure, check out Aranya Resort in Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan, where you can go on an ATV ride or hike on the slopes of Doña Remedios Trinidad.

Cozy stay in the woods

Aranya Resort in Bulacan - in the woods
White Lauaan Overlooking Villa
Image credit: @aranyaresortsph

Arriving at the jump-off point, you and your companions along with the other guests will be escorted to the location by a 4-by-4 truck. Alternatively, you’re also welcome to travel by SUV if you prefer traveling privately. However, if a truck isn’t available, hiking is another option if you want to begin exploring the grounds.

Basically, the entire location is quiet and secluded, but also calm, where hiking and other physical activities are encouraged along the slopes while you hear water streams or chirping birds.

Aranya Resort in Bulacan - patio
Image credit: @aranyaresortsph

Every villa is built with a large patio where you can lounge on to look at the forest view or eat your meals with a companion in nature.

The White Lauaan Overlooking Villas range from P6,800-P8,800 (~USD129.78-USD167.95), depending on the number of beds per villa.

Aranya Resort in Bulacan - cliffside pool
Cliffside pool
Image credit: Aranya Resorts DRT

On the other hand, the two-story Cliffside Villa has a cliffside pool overlooking the forested slopes where you can lounge in if you prefer to stay inside your villa’s area.

The Cliffside Villa starts at P11,800 (~USD225.21) per night.

Aranya Resort in Bulacan - stone pool
Image credit: @louietayag

Alternatively, the stoned pool situated on the slopes is great if you’re traveling as a group or if you have kids with you as it’s bigger and more open.

Also, keep in mind that the resort depends on solar panels. Power interruptions may occur from time to time.

Offers ATV rides and mini hikes

ATV rides
Image credit: @jane_capagalan

Apart from the refreshing pools and lounging on the patio, consider going on an ATV ride with a companion for a thrilling adventure. You can also just go on a mini hike to explore the area in a more leisurely way.

Keep in mind to warm up and stretch before engaging on a hike as it’ll help you move more freely.

Guided tours around Doña Remedios Trinidad

guided tours
Image adapted from Aranya Resorts and Aranya Resorts

If you’re not sure where to go, you can go on a guided tour to know more about the natural wonders around Doña Remedios Trinidad while remaining safe from start to finish.

Aranya Resort in Bulacan

If you’re inclined towards thrilling adventures and exploring in nature, Aranya Resort in Bulacan is the place to visit.

From hiking to ATV rides, you’re sure to have quite the adventure during your stay.

Address: Brgy. Camachin, Doña Remedios Trinidad (DRT), Bulacan
Telephone: 0953 120 1449
Email: [email protected]

Aranya Resort website | Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from @jane_capagalan and @louietayag