Mattel releases exclusive Weird Barbie

If you’re still riding the Barbie train, then this toy is for you! Iconic toy company Mattel has unveiled a new Barbie doll that’s anything but ordinary. It isn’t your typical Barbie with perfect proportions and glamorous outfits – this one is delightfully weird and wonderfully unique.

Mattel has unveiled Weird Barbie, a quirky Barbie doll that’s set to turn heads and break stereotypes. It’s an exciting twist on the classic doll we all know.

The unconventional Barbie doll

Barbie | Main Trailer
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Barbie | Main Trailer

Video credit: Warner Bros. Pictures via YouTube

Based on the recently released Barbie movie, Mattel decided to add Weird Barbie, a character played by actress Kate McKinnon, into the signature franchise. It’s a refreshing departure from the norm that celebrates individuality and self-expression.

Weird Barbie - new doll
Image credit: Mattel Creations

Moreover, the doll represents the Barbie dolls that have been too well-loved by little kids. She dons a pink puffy dress, neon-colored snakeskin boots, rowdy short hair, and drawings on her face.

This new addition to the Barbie collection challenges traditional beauty standards and ignites creativity in children and adults alike.

Where to get it

Weird Barbie - exclusive product
Image credit: Mattel Creations 

The Weird Barbie doll is an exclusive made-to-order product priced at USD50 (estimated ~P2,790). It’s available for pre-orders till 18th August 2023 at 11.59pm, Pacific Time. According to their website, the new dolls will be shipped off starting on or before 31st May 2024.

Click here to snag this exclusive doll. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of this remarkable creation.

Embrace your stylish quirks

Redefine your Barbie experience with a daring and unconventional doll that celebrates individuality in the most stylish way possible. Say hello to a new era of playtime that encourages everyone to embrace their quirks and let their true colors shine!

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Cover image adapted from: Mattel Creations 

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