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GMA Unveils New Teaser For Live-Action Voltes V: Legacy In 2022, Featuring Big Kapuso Celebrities

GMA launches featurette for live-action Voltes V: Legacy

Voltes V, or Chōdenji Machine Voltes V, really made an impact on us Filipinos who grew up watching anime on television before the streaming age. After all, it introduced us to the exciting world of galactic forces including young heroes saving the Earth against enemies from another planet.

And while it’s been a long time since the anime was on our screens, GMA Network’s Voltes V: Legacy, a live adaptation of the anime, has been in the works and is set to premiere any time this year. A new teaser or featurette for the adaptation was just released on 31st December, giving us a glimpse of its star-studded cast, set, and animation.

It showcases Voltes V: Legacy‘s behind the scenes

Video credit: GMA Network

The Kapuso network has been preparing for the show for years now, and for good reasons. The new teaser showcases the attention to detail put into the adaptation, which will feature some of the biggest names of the network amidst elaborate sets and animation.

Voltes V: Legacy - castVoltes Team actors (left) and Martin Del Rosario as Prince Zardoz (right)
Image adapted from: GMA Network, @martinmiguelmdelrosario

The Voltes Team will be played by Miguel Tanfelix, Ysabel Ortega, Radson Flores, Matt Lozano, and Raphael Landicho. They will star as Steve Armstrong, Jamie Robinson, Mark Gordon, Big Bert Armstrong, and Little Jon Armstrong, respectively. Martin del Rosario will give life to Prince Zardoz, the leader of the Boazanian forces who want to invade planet Earth.

Voltes V: Legacy - cast
Albert Martinez (center) as Dr. Smith
Image credit: GMA Network

Albert Martinez is also one of the veteran actors to watch out for. He will play the role of Dr. Smith, a renowned scientist who has contributed to the creation of the Voltes V robot.

The anime’s original Japanese producer showed support

Voltes V Legacy - TOEI Company Letter
Image credit: @direkmark

Considering the immense work that’s being put into Voltes V: Legacy, it’s no wonder that Toei Company, one of the producers of the original anime, commended the local team. In his post on Instagram on 31st December 2021, Mark Reyes, the adaptation’s director, shared a letter sent to his team by Shin-ichiro Shirakura of Toei Company.

“Production may be tough under this Covid situation, but this time we wanted to inform you that we were so excited to see the latest promo-reel of the show. We could feel your respect to the original series, and we also thank you for your effort, enthusiasm and hard work under this Covid situation,” the letter stated.

Production is about 50 to 60% complete

There’s no set date yet as to the live-action remake’s airing this year, but according to Reyes in an interview with 24 Oras, his team’s preparation is about 50% to 60% complete.

Given its massive production and the approval of Voltes V‘s very own Japanese producer, Voltes V: Legacy is bound to be one of the local TV shows that we should anticipate this year.

GMA’s Voltes V: Legacy 

Voltes V: Legacy‘s teaser shows that the Kapuso network is indeed not new when it comes to producing top-tier, fantasy TV shows – the success of Mulawin, Encantadia, and Darna, to name a few shows, testifies to the network’s craftsmanship of bringing creative stories into life.

We’re excited to see how the Voltes Team will defend the Earth against its invaders!

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Cover image adapted from: @martinmiguelmdelrosario and GMA Network