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Valentine’s Day Delivery Deals From P65 For Couples Who Want To Spend The Special Holiday Safely At Home

Valentine’s Day delivery deals in Metro Manila

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but it looks like plans to go out on a date will have to take the backseat for now. With the virus still running free on our city streets, the safer option is to celebrate at home. And though homebodies might find this no different than a regular Valentine’s Day, other couples might be struggling with the adjustment.

However, staying home doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with some great food. These Valentine’s Day delivery deals are here to save the day. Whether you’re a stranger to the kitchen or want to surprise your significant other on the special day, these deals will come in handy.

1. Wildflour Cafe + Bakery – Valentine’s Day baskets

valentine's day delivery deals - wildflour
A To All The Bites I Loved Basket with Wildflour pastries and sweets
Image credit: @wildflourmanila

While Wildflour Restaurant is known for its great food and warm ambiance, its sister cafe Wild Flour Bakery & Cafe Co. holds its own. The famous bakery stands out among the thousand other bakeries in Metro Manila for serving high quality and yummy breads and pastries.

If you want their baked goods to be part of your Valentine celebration, you’re in luck. They’re offering Valentine’s Day baskets starting at P1,550 (~USD32.31).These red baskets are filled with handmade, Valentine-themed pastries and sweets from cheese and strawberry ensaimadas to fruit jams to bottles of wine. Not only do these make for a perfect Valentine snack, but you can also get them as gift baskets to your loved ones for the special holiday. 


2. Mang Inasal – buy 4, get 1 free large chicken inasal

valentine's day delivery deals - mang inasal
Image credit: @iammanginasal

Mang Inasal’s chicken inasal has been the Filipino comfort meal for years, with the classic barbecued chicken and chicken oil being a traditional dish they’ve perfected. For those craving for some inasal on Valentine’s day, check out Mang Inasal’s Valentine Edition promo.

Get 4 orders of Chicken Inasal Large in either paa or pecho (P305-P360, ~USD6.36-USD7.50) and get 1 free. The deal is great if you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Filipino cuisine, but if you already have other plans for the day, don’t sweat! The promo runs until 19th February 2021.


3. Gangnam Style Samgyupsal – Korean barbecue at home

valentine's day delivery deals - gangnam style samgyupsal
Image credit: @charmainedizon

Under normal circumstances, Valentine’s Day would mean mile-long lines of people at all the Korean restaurants you know, with samgyupsal being one of everyone’s favorite dishes. At least that’s something couples won’t have to worry about, with at-home samgyupsal options made available over the past year, one of them being Gangnam Style Samgyupsal.

This Valentine season, they’ve made KBBQ easy for couples at home with their Valentine Packages. They’ve got a samgyupsal good for 2, inclusive of 4 meats and 4 sides for P980 (~USD20.43). However, if you’re celebrating with a bigger group like family or close friends, they’ve got packages serving up to 14 people and which include 14 meats and 11 side dishes. You can also rent a KBBQ grill for P999 (~USD20.82) so you don’t have to worry about getting one yourself.


4. Discovery Primea – full-course meal at home

valentine's day delivery deals - discovery primea
Image credit: @discoveryprimea

If you’re the type of couple to treat yourselves to fine dining on Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to cancel your plans just because you have to stay in and can’t go out to a fancy restaurant. Discovery Primea’s Valentine Set Menu offers you a full-course meal at home.

The menu Includes an appetizer, a generous amount of 3 main courses – namely steak, scallops, and black bass, and desserts such as chocolate velvet and a strawberry compote. The meal also comes with your own bottle of Prosecco or sparkling wine, all for P3,000 (~USD62.54).

Don’t forget to snatch the deal between 12th-15th February, and take the chance to enjoy some high quality food in your pajamas at home.


5. Cupcake Lab PH – pull-apart Valentine cupcakes and DIY cake kit

valentine's day deliver deals - cupcakelab ph
Image credit:

Since Valentine’s Day is an intimate day for two, getting a full cake might be overkill. Getting Cupcake Lab PH’s Valentine-themed pull-apart cupcakes might be the better way to go – they’re cute and it’s easier to control your portions.

The cake is made of 10 cupcakes fused together with icing, then decorated with cake pops, meringue, and chocolates. You can choose cupcakes in red velvet, chocolate, and chocolate chip, starting at P1,200 (~USD25.01).

valentine's day deliver deals - cupcake lab ph
Image credit: @cupcakelabph

However, if you’re looking for a sweet activity with your significant other rather than simply food per se, the bakery is also selling DIY cake-making kits

The kit includes pre-made versions of everything you need for a cake – 3 layers of heart-shaped cake in red velvet, Valentine rainbow, or chocolate chip, buttercream, and decorations. It even includes the tools such as piping bags, a cake board, a spatula, and toppers, which you can still use in the future. These extensive cake kits start from P1,500 (~USD31.27).


6. Cafe Ysabel – frozen strawberry shortcake

valentine's day delivery deals - cafe ysabel
Image credit: @cafeysabel_official

With strawberries only thriving in cool areas, it’s hard to come across strawberry shortcakes made with plump and fresh strawberries. However, Cafe Ysabel sources strawberries from Baguio which easily grow in the area’s cool climate, and that go into cafe’s strawberry shortcakes that are famous across Manila.

valentine's day delivery deals - cafe ysabel
Image credit: @dinoeats_

For Valentine’s Day, you can get their full-course Valentine package meal which includes an appetizer, salad, pizza, soup, main courses such as steak, lobster, and pasta, and their infamous frozen strawberry shortcake for dessert. The meal costs P5,398 (~USD112.52) for 2 people, and comes with complimentary glasses of wine.


7. Dunkin Donuts – heart-shaped doughnuts

dunkin donuts
Image credit: @jeansrno.eats

Dunkin Donuts will always be the OG doughnut place that many have loved since our childhood, with choco butternut being one of its most nostalgic doughnut flavors. And this February, the company has given us an additional reason to love these doughnuts.

The famous choco butternut doughnuts now come in cute heart shapes, perfect for the month of love. If your significant other is a fan of this flavor and you want to spoil them, you should consider the box of 4 for only P65 (~USD1.35). But if you and the jowa want to binge on these cute doughnuts, you can get 3 boxes for P179 (~USD3.73) and save P16 (~USD 0.03).


9. UCC Café – Meiji-flavored shakes

valentine's day delivery deals - uccxmeiji
Image adapted from: @ucccafeph

Meiji chocolates are usually something we only get when they’re a pasalubong from someone who traveled to Japan in the summer. For this Valentine’s season, UCC Café has collaborated with Meiji to shake things up, literally. The companies bring us Meiji’s most popular chocolate – the milk chocolate and Apollo strawberry cones – in the form of shakes.

The UCCxMeiji Valentine shakes come in chocolate and strawberry, each with the taste of its corresponding Meiji chocolate. The smaller size (16oz) costs P220 (~USD4.59) while the bigger size (22oz) costs P240 (~USD5.00). The shakes will only be around from 1st-28th February, so be sure to get them while they’re on the menu.


10. Kazunori Japanese Restaurant – chocolate-infused Japanese dishes

valentine's day delivery deals - kazunori
Image credit: @kazunorijapaneserestaurant

Whenever news arises of chocolate being incorporated into savory food, we usually find the combo rather odd – from chicken wings dipped in chocolate to chocolate on pizza. Chocolate in Japanese food might just be a first for us.

Kazunori Japanese Restaurant puts a twist on their Japanese dishes by collaborating with Auro chocolate and creating 10 Japanese dishes with chocolate. These dishes include oyster in cacao butter, cacao powder-infused noodles in ramen, and wagyu with cacao, starting at P300 (~USD6.25).

They aren’t your usual Japanese takeout meals either. These dishes were curated and will be made by Japanese chef and restaurant owner Kazunori Kuramochi, known for elevating and putting a modern twist on Japanese dishes.


Valentine’s Day delivery deals for 2021

This year’s Valentine’s Day may be a little different from the usual date plans of going out to a fancy restaurant or hotel. But at least staying home means you won’t have to worry about catching an unwanted virus. 

However, you can still make your Valentine’s Day special with these Valentine’s Day delivery deals. After all, what matters is that you’re celebrating it with someone special, whether outside or at home.

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Cover image adapted from: @jeansrno.eats and @wildflourmanila