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Ultralight Drifter in Magalang, Pampanga: Fly An Ultralight Plane With A View Of Mount Arayat

Experience flying a plane in Magalang, Pampanga

Like the people who make them, each bucket list is unique. While some like to have easily achievable things such as exploring certain hobbies, others’ may contain ambitious things such as “Go to space”, “Climb Mount Everest”, or “Fly a plane.”

If flying a plane is on your bucket list, Ultralight Drifter in Magalang, Pampanga makes achieving this dream easier. It lets you control an aircraft and fly it with a Mount Arayat view without having to attend an expensive flying school.

Ultralight aircraft flying

Ultralight Drifter - ultralight plane 2
An ultralight plane

Image credit: @kategaddi

Ultralight Drifter lets you drive an ultralight plane from the Angeles City Flying Club with the help of an experienced co-pilot. Yes, you’ll get to hold the gears yourself.

For 15 minutes, you get to take the skies and fly with a view of Mount Arayat and the vast, green fields of Pampanga.

Mount Arayat
Mount Arayat from the ultralight plane
Image credit: Kate Honrade Gutierrez

Ultralight planes are lightweight, one- to two-seat, open-cockpit aircraft. They are slow-flying compared to other planes, making them relatively safer. Because of their built and since they’re easy to fly, these are considered affordable aircraft to own and operate.

Access to club facilities

Angles City Flying Club pool
Pool and cabanas
Image credit: @discoveryacfc

Booking a flying session gives you access to the club facilities at Angeles City Flying Club. These include unlimited use of their pool and cabanas to chill after a fulfilling flight.

Each flying session with Ultralight Drifter also includes P200 (~USD3.85) worth of food at the ACFC cafe-restaurant where you can watch planes fly in and out all day.

Catch a glimpse of other small aircrafts

Ultralight Drifter - Angeles City Flying Club hangar
Pose next to other aircraft at the Angeles City Flying Club

Image credit: @iamprincess07

Ultralight Drifter’s package also includes a tour of the aircraft at Angeles City Flying Club’s hangar. Besides ultralight planes, there are pistons such as the Cessna 172 and Cessna 172K that look like small cars and can seat up to six people.

You are also free to take photos of these aircraft to flex on the ‘gram.

Rate and availability

Ultralight Drifter - Ultralight plane
Image credit: @kaycuevee

A 15-minute ride in an ultralight plane costs P3,000 (~USD57.78). There’s a separate, P500 (~USD9.63) fee to get a co-pilot, whom you’ll definitely need unless you’ve taken flying lessons. Flying is available to guests on weekends only and the best time to fly is from 8AM to 11AM.

The rate might seem a little steep for a short experience, but this allows you unlimited use of their pool, a tour of their hangar, and free food. This is besides the fact that you’ll be getting to experience something not a lot of people have done.

If you find that you enjoy flying an ultralight plane, you can also get a yearly membership in the Angeles City Flying Club and learn how to fly.

Enjoy a new experience through Ultralight Drifter

Achieving your dream of flying a plane doesn’t have to be complicated. With Ultralight Drifter in Magalang, Pampanga, you can set a schedule next weekend, travel a few hours from the metro, and tick the activity off your bucket list ASAP.

To book your flying session, simply send Ultralight Drifter a message on Facebook. For memberships, message Angeles City Flying Club on the same platform.

Ultralight Drifter
Angeles City Flying Club, Sta. Maria, Sitio Talimundok, Magalang, Pampanga
Opening hours: Sat–Sun 8AM-5PM | Closed Weekdays
0939 280 0621
Ultralight Drifter’s Facebook

Angeles City Flying Club
Telephone: 0916 456 8588 | 0917 119 3152
Angeles City Flying Club’s Facebook

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Cover image adapted from: @maconxx and @kaycuevee