SnowCaps billboard goes viral

In a world where skin tone remains a contentious topic, including the Philippines, a recent advertisement of SnowCaps has ignited an online debate among netizens, highlighting the issues of colorism and representation.

Read on to know more about the SnowCaps billboard that went viral.

What are Snowcaps?

snowcaps billboard viral - snowcaps l-glutathione capsules
Image credit: SnowCaps Glutathione via Facebook

SnowCaps are L-Glutathione capsules that are made to whiten and improve the complexion of your skin. Aside from its physical benefits, they’re also known to detoxify your body from free radicals and toxins.

These capsules may be used as a dietary supplement or prevention from illnesses as it can boost your immune system.

Advertisement sparks online controversy

snowcaps billboard viral - snowcaps billboard advertisement
Image credit: Raz de la Torre via Facebook

Recently, a netizen shared a post about a SnowCaps billboard featuring a morena (a Filipina with a darker skin tone) and an unusual advertisement quote. The billboard reads: “Ang proud morena, di na iinom nito. Sa kuntento na sa skin, wag i-try,” which translates to: “A proud morena will not take this. For those contented with your skin, do not try.”

This advertisement has sparked online conversations, drawing attention to its depiction of colorism and societal beauty standards.

Netizens’ mixed reactions

negative reactions
Screenshots from: Facebook

Naturally, online users expressed their mixed reactions. Some criticized the ad for potentially perpetuating harmful stereotypes, noting its passive-aggressive tone and labeling it a “gaslighter” ad.

supportive reactions
Screenshots from: Facebook

On the other hand, some have commented that the billboard is simply an effective marketing strategy designed to capture people’s attention, specifically targeting individuals interested in skin whitening.

This billboard has sparked important conversations about discrimination based on skin color and the need for inclusive representation in media and advertising.

When asked in an interview about this issue, SnowCaps co-founder and creative director Dionie Tañada highlighted their commitment to embracing all shades of beauty. He also explained that the ad aims to give consumers the freedom to choose whether or not to try their product.

He acknowledges the mixed reactions online and expresses his apologies to those negatively affected by the ad.

Snowcaps billboard: is it offensive or just a strategic advertisement?

As the debate rages on, the SnowCaps ad controversy serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges in addressing colorism and promoting inclusivity in media and advertising.

Whether you’re olive, fair, medium, or dark-skinned, every skin color is worth being proud of.

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Cover image adapted from: Raz de la Torre via Facebook


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