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Metro Manila Common Station To Be Completed In December, Will Connect Various Railways To Make Our Commutes Faster

Biggest train station to be completed in December

Before the pandemic, life on the road in Metro Manila was all about survival mode due to the nightmarish traffic we experience daily, not to mention the crowded train stations during rush hours. But with the Metro Manila common station set to be finished in December 2021, we can now expect our commutes around the metro to be more convenient.

The station will interconnect different railways across Metro Manila

Metro Manila Common Station
Image credit: Department of Transportation – Philippines 

Now 48.48% complete, the Common Station will be our biggest train station. Located on North Avenue, Quezon City, it will feature a 13,700-square meter concourse area that will let us transfer among the rail lines of LRT-1, MRT-3, the forthcoming MRT-7 which will operate from Quezon City to Bulacan, and the Metro Manila Subway which will run from Quezon City to Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Metro Manila common station
Image credit: Department of Transportation – Philippines 

Once operational, the station is projected to accommodate around 478,000 passengers daily.

According to the Department of Transportation (DOTr), the interlinking of different railway lines will make commuting in the metro more comfortable, with passengers having easier access to various railways and faster travel time.

Metro Manila common station
Image credit: Department of Transportation – Philippines 

“With the common station, commuters will have easier access, convenience, faster and shorter travel to their destinations via the interlinking of the different railway lines. This enhanced mobility and connectivity will allow workers to become more effective in their work and less travel weary, which will also allow them more quality time with their loved ones,” noted the DOTr on their website.

DOTr has announced that they are accelerating work

Metro Manila common station - artist sketch
Image credit: Department of Transportation – Philippines 

The station was actually estimated to be completed by the first quarter of 2021, but due to the pandemic, completion was understandably delayed. 

But DOTr promises that the construction activities are being accelerated and “work is done 24/7.”

Common station linking major railways set to be finished

We hope that the common station can indeed answer our traffic woes in the metro. Because not only will faster travel time mean a comfortable commuting experience, but it will also help boost our general well-being and give us more quality time to spend with ourselves and loved ones. 

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Cover image adapted from: Department of Transportation – Philippines, Department of Transportation – Philippines