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As it’s now peak season for traveling, most tourist destinations will become undoubtedly crowded. Hotels and resorts are fully booked and crowds gather outside famous restaurants. Sometimes, this makes you want to go somewhere more peaceful or zen.

If you’re into yoga and wanting to focus more on de-stressing and relaxation, Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast in Baler, Aurora is the place you might want to visit.

A zen staycation spot

Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast in Baler
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As you go along, you’ll see a sign built on a wooden panel that shows the overall theme of the spot – giving nature vibes that’ll instantly make you feel at home.

Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast in Baler - relaxing bed to lay in
Relax while lying in bed
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From room to room, you’ll immediately see the rustic, wooden aesthetic that sets your mood into relaxation while breathing in the fresh air. Spacious beds are provided for you to get a good weekend’s rest.

Depending on your preference, the Mini Suite starts at P2,400 (~USD45.82) per night, the Premier Suite starts at P3,500 (~USD66.71) per night, and the Group Suite starts at P4,800 (~USD91.49) per night.

Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast in Baler - relaxing hammock
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When you step outside your suite, there are woven hammocks where you can bathe in the sun or take photos.

Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast in Baler - quiet, scenic side of Baler
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Alternatively, you can also sit on the woven chairs and table where you can enjoy your cup of morning coffee or read a favorite book as you bask in the quieter side of Baler.

Offers daily yoga classes

Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast in Baler - yoga classes
Daily yoga classes
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Aside from staying in bed and bathing leisurely in the sun, attending one of their daily yoga classes at the in-house shala can also help you de-stress and focus on your wellness.

Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast in Baler - private yoga class
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No matter if you’re advanced or just a beginner, you can go ahead and book a private class if you want to improve your yoga poses or if you simply want to have a class alone.

Daily yoga classes are held at their mountainside shala priced at P400 (~USD7.64) per yogi. Otherwise, it’s priced at P350 (~USD6.68) per person for classes of two or more.

Offers motorcycle tours and rentals

Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast in Baler - motorcycle tours and rentals
Motorcycle tours and rentals are available
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If you’re one for adventure rides around the area, the venue also offers motorcycle tours and rentals, an activity you can opt for if you want to do something more thrilling around nature.

Ideal spot for surfers

Kahanamoku Bed & Breakfast is also ideal for surfers 
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On the other hand, if you’re more inclined to spend your time at the beach, then you’ll want to take a shot at surfing as well. Interestingly, some beaches in Baler are considered ideal for surfing due to the existence of right-hand reef breaks such as Cemento Beach, where the bed and breakfast is.

for all surfers
You can also book surfing lessons if you’re a beginner
Image credit: Kahanamoku Bed & Breakfast

If you’re an experienced surfer, take advantage of the Pacific Ocean waves that are perfect for surfing at Cemento Beach or if you’re a beginner, staff can connect you to surfing lessons you can book to learn more about the sport at nearby Sabang Beach.

Encourages eco-consciousness

Image credit: Kahanamoku Bed & Breakfast

Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast considers itself to be eco-conscious. You’re encouraged to turn off unused facilities, practice waste segregation, and most of all, embrace the nature around you.

Kahanamoku Bed and Breakfast in Baler

If you’re a nature lover and you like to stay in, open to taking yoga classes, motorcycle tours, or trying out surfing, then definitely check out Kahanamoku Bed & Breakfast where you can enjoy the best of both worlds – staying in and relaxing out in nature.

Safe travels!

Address: Purok 6, Sitio Cemento, Barangay Zabali 3200 Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Telephone: 0998 857 4851
Email: [email protected]

Kahanamoku Bed & Breakfast website | Facebook page | Instagram

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