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If you find yourself scrolling through TikTok frequently, chances are you’ve come across snippets of an RnB earworm by Filipino artist Denise Julia. Rising to popularity in 2022 with her song “NVMD,” she’s now gaining global recognition with her latest release, “B.A.D.”

Get to know Denise Julia with this list of facts, covering everything from her musical journey to her interests, so you can proudly call yourself a fan of the rising Filipino musical act.

1. She’s a Pisces.

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Image credit: @denisejvlia via Instagram

Denise Julia was born in 2002 and is 21 years old as of writing. She’s a Pisces, which explains why she’s creative and romantic.

Her desire to be a performer began at a young age. In fact, her first dream was to become an actress. However, she switched to music when she was told that she had a nice voice and began writing songs at the age of 13.

2. She’s an honors student.

Denise Julia
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Image credit: @denisejvlia via Instagram

The singer juggles her music career and studies – and she’s doing an exemplary job at both.

She is pursuing an International Relations course. And despite being busy with her flourishing career, she is also an honors student, which is honestly a major slay.

3. She names Beyonce as one of her musical influences

Image credit: @beyonce via Instagram

As an RNB singer, Denise Julia cites popular female RNB singers as her musical influences.

These include 90s idols like Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child, TLC, Aaliyah, and Tamia. Beyond their musical prowess, these iconic performers also serve as her fashion icons.

As for contemporary RNB artists, she also draws inspiration from SZA, Kehlani, and Summer Walker.

4. She’s a K-pop fan

denise julia's Creator Profile

denise julia's Creator Profile

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Video credit: @denisejuliuh via TikTok

Denise Julia recently expressed her excitement on TikTok after discovering that Giselle from the K-pop group AESPA featured her song “B.A.D.” on her Instagram Stories.

In a TikTok post, the Filipino R&B star exclaimed, “giselle from aespa storying (sic) my song????!!!!!!! literally a week after deciding she’s my bias???!?!?!?!?!?”

This revealed that she’s a K-pop fan. Besides AESPA, she particularly likes TWICE and NCT and biases the members Jihyo and Johnny, respectively.

The singer is also a big fan of Lee Hyori, which makes total sense as the first-gen K-pop idol is famous for her 2003 RNB/hip-hop song “10 Minutes”.

5. Her viral song NVMD was conceptualized on TikTok

Denise Julia - NVMD (Official Music Video)
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Denise Julia - NVMD (Official Music Video)

Video credit: Denise Julia via YouTube

NVMD owes not only its virality but also its conception to TikTok.

Denise Julia recognized the potential of her freestyle song during a TikTok duet, leading her to spend a week completing the entire track.

The catchy song quickly garnered popularity on the platform, with the original version used in 4.57k videos and an unofficial sped-up version featured in 275.2k videos. Additionally, NVMD has amassed an impressive 236 million plays on Spotify.

6. She performed at Head In The Clouds Manila 2022

Denise Julia HITC Manila 2022
Image credit: @denisejvlia via Instagram

Months after NVMD went viral, Denise Julia had her big stage debut. In December 2022, she was one of the performers at the Manila leg of the annual music festival, Head In The Clouds.

Head In The Clouds is organized by 88rising, a US record label primarily for Asian American and Asian artists such as Joji, Rich Brian, and NIKI.

The RNB artist joined SB19, Yoasobi, BIBI, Jessi, Zedd, and Rich Brian in the festival lineup.

7. She has performed overseas

Denise Julia in Jakarta
Denise Julia with SORN and Seungyeon in Indonesia.
Image credit: @denisejvlia via X

The artist has also performed in festivals overseas. Just this year, Denise Julia performed at We The Fest in Indonesia and Very Festival in Thailand.

But don’t be disheartened if you’re an international fan who missed the chance to witness the singer live in these countries, With a bright career ahead, we can anticipate seeing her at numerous global events.

In her NYLON interview, the RNB singer also revealed that there have been several international labels have expressed interest in signing her and flying her to New York or Los Angeles. Despite these opportunities, she is carefully considering whether to expand her career beyond the Philippines.

8. She just released her first mini album, Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1)

Denise Julia - B.A.D. (feat. P-Lo) (Official Video)
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Denise Julia - B.A.D. (feat. P-Lo) (Official Video)

Her latest viral song, “B.A.D.”.
Video credit: Denise Julia via YouTube

On 17 November, Denise Julia released her first mini-album titled Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1).

Some of the tracks in her debut album are the title track “Lackin'” and her latest viral song “B.A.D.” There’s also “bum 2 me”, a collaboration with Jason Dhakal.

Within just one hour of its release, the much-awaited album garnered 10.5 million streams on Spotify.

Things to know about Denise Julia, the singer behind hits NVMD & B.A.D

Denise Julia’s viral RNB hits have undoubtedly set the stage for a promising career ahead. We expect to hear more of her catchy tracks and look forward to witnessing her performances on a global scale.

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Cover image adapted from: @denisejvlia via Instagram, @denisejvlia via Instagram, @denisejvlia via X



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