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Delivery Rider Calling For BTS Meal Orders Receives Over P40K In Donations From ARMYs

Delivery rider received over P40k in donations

ARMYs are indeed some of the most dedicated fans. Beyond being just a fandom that expresses their love for Korean boy group BTS, they also have been behind some acts of philanthropy – the latest of which is showing appreciation towards Benjamin Baetiong, a Foodpanda delivery rider, who received over P40,000 in donations from ARMYs after he’d called for orders of McDonald’s limited-edition BTS meal.

This comes after the hype over the BTS meal was mocked by other delivery riders, who were said to have criticized both the South Korean boy band and ARMYs with homophobic remarks.

Baetiong encouraged ARMYs to order the BTS meal

Delivery rider BTS meal - Benjamin Baetiong
Image credit: Benjamin Baetiong

ARMYs took notice of Baetiong when, amidst the controversial issue that now surrounds alleged delivery riders from Grab Philippines, as reported by ABS-CBN News, who reportedly called members of BTS “bayot” or gay, called out to fans on a Facebook post to order the BTS meal.

“Lakas ng BTS meal [ngayon]. Umaarangkada na.. [kami] mga Foodpanda [riders].. masayang [nag-dideliver] sa inyo [ng] [BTS] meal.. [kaya] mga [BTS] fans.. [dyan].. gogogogo na order na [kayo],” Baetiong wrote on his post on 18th June.

His message can be translated as: “The BTS meal is in demand today. It’s gaining popularity. Foodpanda riders are happy to deliver the BTS meal, so BTS fans, go and order your meals now.”

ARMYs hosted a donation drive for Baetiong

Delivery rider BTS meal
Image credit: @therealkittenwp 

Grateful for his post, a BTS fan group called the Tea Squad initiated a donation drive for the rider. Through the help of the members and fellow BTS fans, the group has been able to raise a whopping P45,230.77 (~USD929.64) as of writing.

“With all your generosity, we have raised this amount to be donated to Mr. Benjamin Baetiong, the kind-hearted @foodpandaPH rider who has touched our hearts,” Twitter user @therealkittenwp said in his update.

McDonald’s Philippines also gifted him BTS meals

Delivery rider BTS meal
Image credit: Benjamin Baetiong, Benjamin Baetiong

Aside from the ARMYs, McDonald’s Philippines also showed their appreciation to Baetiong by delivering BTS meals to his residence. On his Facebook post, Baetiong thanked the fast-food chain and included a photo of himself standing with the BTS meals.

Indeed, the kindhearted Foodpanda delivery rider deserved all these kind acts! Kudos to him for affirming ARMYs’ excitement over the limited-edition meal.

Delivery rider received donations from BTS fans

It’s sad that there’s been backlash against BTS and their fans who just want to enjoy a meal inspired by the artists they support.

But thankfully, there’s delivery rider Mr. Baetiong who showed us that the ARMYs’ fandom is seen and acknowledged.

Here’s to more delivery riders like him!

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