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Crescent Moon Cafe & Studio Pottery In Antipolo Is A Southeast Asian Restaurant Offering Pottery Workshops

Restaurant and pottery studio in Antipolo

With the Philippines being so hot during summer, we might be putting off our lunch dates and art gallery trips in favor of staying at home. Even if we do go out, we only get one of these things done before we call it a day and head home.

Thankfully, Crescent Moon & Studio Pottery in Antipolo, Rizal poses a solution to this problem. It’s a Southeast Asian restaurant, art studio, and gallery all rolled in one.

Southeast Asian menu

Crescent Moon Cafe & Studio Pottery - beef rendang
Beef rendang
Image credit: @knickkyy

Crescent Moon Cafe’s menu contains dishes from countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Some of the mains you should try at the restaurant include Indonesian beef rendang (P460, ~USD8.80) – rich, coconut beef stew – and steamed fish with Vietnamese-inspired tamarind sauce (P690, ~USD13.20).

Crescent Moon Cafe & Studio Pottery - suman
Mangga’t suman or mango sticky rice (top) and suman itim or black sticky rice (bottom)
Image credit: @farrahrodriguez

They also have a wide selection of the Filipino sticky rice dessert, suman, including suman itim made with black mountain rice.

Art space and studio

Lanelle Abueva-FernandezLanelle Abueva-Fernandez’s award-winning ceramics
Image credit: @crescentmooncafe

Inside the Crescent Moon Cafe compound is artist Lanelle Abueva-Fernando’s Leaf Studio Pottery.

The studio is where she makes her handmade, stoneware ceramics that are described to have rustic yet refined designs. These have Japanese influence, the artist having lived in Japan.

In the art space, you’ll see Abueva-Fernando’s pottery pieces which won a silver and bronze medal in the 1982 exhibition by The Ceramic Arts Association of Japan.

Some of Abueva-Fernando’s ceramic art pieces are also glazed with volcanic ash, a material she began to use after the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991.

Besides Abueva-Fernando’s art, the art space also holds solo and group exhibitions of other artists.

Pottery store

Lanelle Abueva-Fernandez
Pottery store
Image credit: @knickkyy

Abueva-Fernando also sells her functional ceramic art pieces in her pottery store. You can get stoneware sets that include four sets of dinner plates, liner plates, soup bowls, mugs, a teapot, and more.

Crescent Moon Cafe & Studio Pottery - Leaf Studio Pottery
Coffee cup and kidney plate
Image credit:

If you don’t have company often but still want to have some of her art, there’s also a set with a coffee cup and a kidney plate which also doubles as a saucer.

To know what other things the pottery store offers, check out Abueva-Fernando’s Instagram.

Pottery workshop

Studio Pottery 2
Some of the items created by previous students
Image credit: Crescent Moon Cafe & Pottery Studio

For those who want to try their hand at pottery, the studio also holds workshops every so often.

Their next pottery workshop will be on 7th May, Saturday, from 9AM to 12PM. For a fee of P3,500 (~USD66.94), you’ll get clay and other materials. You’ll also experience not only shaping your pot, but also glazing and firing.

To register, send Crescent Moon Cafe & Studio Pottery on Facebook or call (02) 8234 5724. For future schedules, you can follow the restaurant-slash-pottery studio on Facebook or Instagram.

Dine and make art at Crescent Moon Cafe & Studio Pottery

Artistic food spots save us time, effort, and money by filling our tummy and refueling our creativity.

Crescent Moon Cafe & Studio Pottery even takes this up a notch by also offering a creative activity so we can explore a potential new hobby.

Address: Sapang Buho Road, Barangay Dalig, Antipolo, Rizal
Opening hours: Wed–Sun 9AM-5PM | Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
(02) 8234 5724

Crescent Moon Cafe & Studio Pottery’s website | Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: @knickkyy and @knickkyy