Commuters can now book tickets via Cebu South Bus Terminal app

The Cebu South Bus Terminal, also known as CSBT, is considered one of the busiest transportation centers in the country. It’s known to have a staggering waiting time. This is because it’s the main transportation hub where commuters travel to different parts of Cebu and nearby provinces.

Luckily, commuters can now book tickets through an app for smoother traveling.

Commuters waiting in long lines

Cebu South Bus Terminal - commuters waiting in long lines
Image credit: Topline Hi-Tech via Facebook 

Because CSBT is always busy, commuters have to deal with long lines daily just to get a ticket. In view of this, the Capitol decided to address this issue.

With the help of the private firm Topline,  the Capitol launched an app that lets commuters book tickets online. The Topline Travel app has been up and running for two months now. Nonetheless, it wasn’t made common knowledge to the public until recently.

How to book tickets using the Topline Travel app

Cebu South Bus Terminal - Topline Travel app
Image credit: CDN Digital via Facebook 

Just like your usual travel booking app, the Topline Travel app is quite easy to follow. After installing it from the App Store or Play Store, you’ll need to sign up via email address, Facebook, or Google.

After filling in the required information, you can choose your destination. You’ll be then provided with a list of routes that you can take and each route is provided with its corresponding price points, from cheapest to most expensive.

You can pay using various methods, from QR and E-wallets to credit and debit cards. For each booking, there’s be a P10 (~USD0.18) booking fee added to your total.

Commuting made easy

Commuting in the Philippines can be difficult at times given all the traffic and hard-to-navigate roads. However, things become more manageable when transportation issues such as this are properly addressed.

Thanks to the official Cebu South Bus Terminal app & Topline Travel, commuters in Cebu don’t have to wait in long lines anymore when getting tickets.

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Cover image adapted from: Topline Hi-Tech, CDN Digital via Facebook 

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