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Filipina Racer Bianca Bustamante Finishes P2 Podium In Inaugural F1 Academy Race

Bianca Bustamante finishes P2 podium in F1 Academy race

Go big or go home – these are the words of big dreamers like Bianca Bustamante. With sheer determination and hard work, this young Filipina dreams of becoming the first-ever female F1 racing champion – and she just got her first foot in.

Filipina race car prodigy Bianca Bustamante finished with a P2 podium standing in the inaugural F1 Academy race on 29th April 2023, paving her path towards being on the top ten female F1 racers.

Bustamante boasts P2 podium standing on Race 1

Bianca Bustamante finishes P2 podium - Bianca Bustamante podium standing
Image credit: Bianca Bustamante via Facebook 

On 29th April 2023, Saturday, the opening of the F1 Academy race started with its first round set in Spielberg, Austria. Filipina race car driver Bianca Bustamante made quite the impression as she ended Race 1 with a P2 podium standing.

What made it more impressive is that the opening weekend was Bustamante’s debut as a racer in F1 – also known as Formula One, the highest class of international car racing.

Even in Race 2, she managed to end up in the Top 10, standing in 9th place.

Bustamante registers a DNC on her third race

Bianca Bustamante finishes P2 podium - Bianca Bustamante came up with DNC on race 3
Image credit: Bianca Bustamante via Facebook 

During Race 3, Bustamante, unfortunately, registered a DNC (Did Not Complete) after racing two laps and missing momentum. Her teammate, Marta Garcia, topped the competition, which made a stride in their racing team. Still a win-win in the end.

Bianca Bustamante finishes P2 podium - Bianca Bustamante ending the opening race strongImage credit: Bianca Bustamante via Facebook 

Despite this, Bustamante still ended things on a good note. She currently stands at 6th place in overall driver standings and ended with 18 points to boot.

Bianca Bustamante finishes strong with good standings

Despite the minor mishap, Bustamante stays confident in achieving her dream of becoming the first female driving champion in the world of F1. This only goes to show that slowly, but surely, big dreams can be achievable.

Round 2 will be held in Valencia, Spain this coming 5th-7th May.

We wish you the best of luck, Bianca!

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Cover image adapted from: Bianca Bustamante via Facebook