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Angkla Beach Club & Boutique Resort: Party By The Beach At Night & Explore El Nido In The Morning

Angkla Beach Club & Boutique Resort in El Nido, Palawan

Angkla Beach Club and Boutique Resort is an exciting new tourism spot in El Nido, Palawan you’ll want to visit. Their facilities have a modern-tropical style that sets a captivating beach vacation mood.

It’s a place where you can beach bum in the mornings, and experience the thrilling parties on the beach after the sun sets.

Beach club with entertaining nightlife

Angkla beach club the bar
Drinks at the bar

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A highlight of staying in Angkla is their riveting beach parties. They get professional DJs who play non-stop beats every night. Additionally, there are plenty of liquor choices for a complete clubbing vibe.

Angkla beach club DJ
A Dj during his music spinning session at Angkla

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And apart from partying and drinking you can also foster new connections. You’ll surely meet new friends who share the same outgoing vacation spirit in Angkla. Just imagine having fun all night under the stars, with the sound of the waves crashing in the distance.

Kathryn Bernardo - Angkla El Nido
Kathryn Bernardo at Angkla

Image credit: ANGKLA Beach Club & Boutique Resort

A bonus: the chance of running into your favorite local celebrities who also frequent the place. Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil, and Anne Curtis are some of the notable names.

A boutique resort that blends modern luxury and nature

Angkla boutique-hotel
Angkla boutique resort

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Aside from its bustling nightlife, this place incorporates modern design and natural beach elements. Nipa-lined roofs add to the native ambiance, while the high ceilings and furniture choices highlight lavishness.

Angkla boutique resort- deluxe villa
Deluxe Villa

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Their rooms also represent their vision of providing elegance and comfort while seamlessly blending with the sand, sea, and coconut trees. Each deluxe room (P21,960.00-P24,400, ~USD419.50-USD465.93) comes with air conditioning and wifi. Other amenities include laundry and room service at your convenience.

angkla beach club pool at night
Pool view at night
Image credit: ANGKLA Beach Club & Boutique Resort

You’ll find that every corner of the entire resort exudes elegance, and have excellent lighting that would be perfect for all your vacation photos.

Snorkel, surf, ride a horse, and more in Nacpan Beach

Angkla beach club - beach front
Bird’s eye view of the resort
Image credit: ANGKLA Beach Club & Boutique Resort

A trip to El Nido will never be complete without island hopping and a slew of water activities. Angkla organizes diving, snorkeling, surfing, boating, and many other ways to appreciate the marine life in Palawan.

Angkla Beach club - island hopping
El Nido Rock formations
Image credit: ANGKLA Beach Club & Boutique Resort

Meanwhile, those who would love a unique beach vacation experience may book a horseback riding session by the beach or join a group yoga class. And yes, you can take as many photos as you like for the ‘gram, with the stunning sunset and glistening Nacpan beach in the background.

Angkla Beach Club horse riding
Horseback riding at the shore

Image credit: Angkla El Nido

Party and unwind at Angkla Beach Club & Boutique Resort

This up-and-coming resort club in El Nido exudes excitement and class. You’ll have a truly unforgettable getaway from the clubbing atmosphere, high-class facilities, and unparalleled beachscape.

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Cover image adapted from: Angkla Beach Club and Boutique Hotel