Al fresco dining spaces in Metro Manila

As the pandemic is here to stay, it’s best to be extra safe when going outside. When catching up with our friends, enjoying a lunch or dinner is better done in the open and safer spaces of restaurants with al fresco dining spots than in an enclosed area.

So here’re 9 restaurants with al fresco dining spaces in Metro Manila, where you can dine while social distancing. The list has also been updated with the restaurants’ opening hours during the MECQ.

1. La Cathedral Cafe – with a view of Manila Cathedral

Al fresco Metro Manila - La Cathedral Cafe
Image credit: La Cathedral Cafe

You’d think you’re on the other side of the world when dining at La Cathedral Cafe, thanks to its amazing views and old-world vibes. This restaurant, situated on a roof deck, is located at the heart of Intramuros and offers a stunning architectural view of the Manila Cathedral. 

Perfect for romantic date nights, the cafe offers a selection of food and beverages that are familiar with your palate. For light meals, you can check out their pastas which include Seafood in Olive Oil Pasta (P250, ~USD5.17), or if you’re craving for more, you can check out their main dishes such as Beef Steak (P250, ~USD5.17). 

Al fresco Metro Manila - La Cathedral CafeImage credit:

You’ll never run out of options for your drinks, as they serve lattes, frappes, and even teas. Finish off your date night with a slice of sweetness from one of their cakes such as the Chocolate Overload (P170, ~USD3.51). 

It’s best to make a reservation in advance because their walk-in queues can get long. Reserve a time slot during the evening as well, so you can have the best views of the Cathedral while dining under the stars and surrounded with lit lanterns. 

Address:  #398 Greenfield Building, Beaterio cor. Cabildo St., Intramuros 1002, Manila
Opening hours: 8AM-8PM, Daily
Mobile: 0915 163 3994

2. La Spezia Manila – serves Italian dishes in a homey space

Al fresco Metro Manila - La Spezia
Image credit: La Spezia MNL

Many restaurants are situated within commercial areas, but La Spezia Manila, which is situated deep in the residential area of Tomas Morato will give you a more homey, casual dining experience even in the metro.

With wood-and-steel furniture and framed travel photographs, the restaurant’s space is designed to make you feel comfortably sophisticated while dining. Named after a coastal town in Italy, La Spezia is known for its Italian dishes.

Al fresco Metro Manila - La Spezia
Polenta Frittata
Image credit: @laspezia.mnl

You can start with their staple dish Polenta Frittata (from P295, ~USD6.10), which is composed of breaded polenta (Italian corn porridge) logs added with lemon-infused ricotta and candied orange peels. For a heavier meal, satiate your belly with one of their bestselling dishes such as the Pollo Arosto Patata (P510, ~USD10.54), a juicy, marinated chicken that is cooked for more than 12 hours.

Address: 90 Scout Dr. Lazcano St., Diliman, Quezon City, 1104 Metro Manila
Opening hours: Tue-Thu 11AM-2PM & 5PM-10PM | Fri & Sat 11AM-2PM & 6PM-11PM | Sun 11AM-2PM & 6PM-10PM | Closed Mondays
Mobile: 0927 960 6903⁣⁣

3. Nikkei Nama Bar – combines Japanese and Peruvian cuisines

Al fresco Metro Manila - Nikkei Nama Bar
Image credit: @nikkei_nama_bar 

If you’ve been a frequent traveler in Japan before the pandemic, chances are you’ve seen a lot of Nikkei restaurants in the Land of the Rising Sun. For a taste of Nikkei, or also known as Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, that won’t require flight tickets, you can head over to the Nikkei Nama Bar restaurant at Rada. Experience a communal vibe when dining at their al fresco area, situated across from their indoor dining room at Legazpi Village. 

Al Fresco Metro Manila - Nikkei Nama Bar
Classic Ceviche
Image credit: Nikkei Nama Bar

To begin with their Japanese dishes, order a Teriyaki Bento (P520, ~USD10.75) composed of 3 pcs. of panko rolls, chicken teriyaki, sauteed vegetables, and gohan. Pair your box with the Classic Ceviche (P420, ~USD8.68) dish, including white fish, red onions, rocoto, cilantro, canchita, and glazed sweet potatoes, to get started with your Peruvian meal.  

Address: Frabelle Business Center, 111 Rada, Legazpi Village, Makati, 1229 Metro Manila
Opening hours: 11AM-8PM, Daily
Mobile: 09272730114

4. Rustic Mornings by Isabelo – charming, homey green space serving Filipino breakfasts

Al fresco Metro Manila - Rustic Mornings by isabelo
Image credit: @rusticmornings 

Titas and titos would love the laid-back atmosphere of Rustic Mornings by Isabelo, a charming garden-themed restaurant surrounded with greenery and adorned with paintings and sculptures.

Al fresco Metro Manila - Rustic Mornings by Isabelo
Waffle, Breaded Chicken, and Salad
Image credit: @rusticmornings

No wonder it’s been a popular spot in Marikina, because aside from its next-level interiors, it’s best known for serving classic Filipino breakfasts from Pork Tocino (P190, ~USD3.93) to Ilocos Bagnet (P340, ~USD7.03). If you’re avoiding rice, they also have breakfast platters such as the Waffle, Breaded Chicken, and Salad (P320, ~USD6.62). 

Address: 11 Isabelo Mendoza Street, Marikina, 1801 Metro Manila
Opening hours: 8AM-4PM, Daily (temporarily closed from 15th to 30th April)
Telephone: 425 8610

5. Wildflour Restaurant – modern cafe and bakery with a comprehensive menu

Al fresco Metro Manila - Wildflour Restaurant
Image credit: Wildflour Restaurant 

There are days when we’re not really sure what kind of dishes or restaurants we want to eat or dine in, so you can never go wrong when dropping by Wildflour Restaurant. Located in several cities across Metro Manila, the restaurant has outdoor dining spaces paired with a comprehensive selection of food and beverages. 

Al fresco Metro Manila - Wildflour Restaurant
Rotisserie Chicken
Image credit: @wildflourmanila

One of their signature dishes in their dinner menu is the Rotisserie Chicken and it is served in three dishes: Chicken and Rice (P490, ~USD10.13), Half Organic Chicken (P695, ~USD14.37), and Whole Organic Chicken (P1295, ~USD26.77). The breakfast menu is a hodgepodge of classic Filipino breakfasts, juices, cocktails, coffee, and tea, while you can enjoy your lunch with a selection of their appetizers, rice bowls, steak, and more. 

Address: Various locations

6. Bar Pintxos – offers various flavors of Spanish pintxos

Bar Pintxos
Image credit: Bar Pintxos

For a casual, authentic Spanish cuisine experience, head over to Bar Pintxos, a restaurant that is the result of the founders’ passion about and travels around Spain. The restaurant is known for its different flavors of pintxos, which are small slices of bread sprinkled with toppings from meat to fish. 

Bar Pintxos
Image credit: @barpintxos

Feast your senses with their selection of pintxos – from the Salmon Pintxos (P220, ~USD4.55) composed of slices of salmon, goat cheese, truffle honey, and caviar to the Jamon-Allioli (P130, ~USD2.69) composed of jamon serrano and allioli. When you’re quite full, sample their beverages as well, which include beers, wines, gin tonics, and cocktails. 

Address: Don Jesus Blvd, Cupang, Muntinlupa, 1771 Metro Manila
Opening hours: Various opening hours
Telephone: 831 0065

7. Cafe Adriatico – historic restaurant in Malate

 Cafe Adriatico
Image credit: Cafe Adriatico 

Amidst various new restaurants popping up here and there in the metro, you’d think the historic restaurants can only be found in Intramuros or Vigan. But in the busy districts of Malate stands Cafe Adriatico, a restaurant founded in 1979 that serves Filipino and international food.

Cafe Adriatico
Beef Salpicao
Image credit: @cafeadriatico 

The Beef Salpicao (P580, ~USD11.99) is one of their all-time classic favorites. It’s a Spanish-inspired Filipino dish composed of beef tenderloin sauteed in olive oil and sprinkled with garlic. Served in the restaurant since the 1980s, the Akuw’a (P695, ~USD14.37), an oxtail stew with Hawayij spice, is also another classic. 

Address: 1790 M. Adriatico St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila
Opening hours: 9AM-7PM, Daily
Telephone: 8378 8220

8. Almusal Cafe – offers Filipino dish with inspirations from Australia and New York

Almusal Cafe
Image credit: Almusal Cafe 

Night owls who tend to wake up late in the morning can enjoy a warm brunch at the welcoming al fresco dining spaces of Almusal Cafe. The restaurant serves familiar Filipino breakfast with inspirations from Australian and New York dishes.

 Almusal Cafe
Honey Butter Bacon Slab
Image credit:

Expect to find here classics such as Beef Belly Tapa (P350, ~USD7.24) and Pork Belly Tocino (P310, ~USD6.41). Their Honey Butter Bacon Slab (P320, ~USD6.61), cured with honey, is also not your ordinary bacon. And while their specialty is morning dishes, you can also order various meals good for lunch and dinner, such as their Lamb Adobo (P570, ~USD11.78) and traditional-style Spaghetti Bolognese (P320, ~USD6.61)

Address: The Pop Up, 273 Katipunan Ave, Quezon City, 1108 Metro Manila
Opening hours: 9AM-7PM, Daily
Mobile: 0966 523 5562

9. Le Village The Lifestyle Food Park – vibrant night market with food stalls

Le Village The Lifestyle Food Park
Image credit: LE VILLAGE The Lifestyle Food Park 

Night markets are places we look forward to visiting – aside from offering us various choices of food, these places come alive at sundown with the presence of a vibrant community of locals. 

Fortunately, just in Quezon City, LE VILLAGE The Lifestyle Food Park is a night market bringing life to town come sunset, and is a perfect outdoor dining space especially in the pandemic. 

 Le Village The Lifestyle Food ParkMexi Kalye stall, Nachos
Image adapted from: Mexi Kalye, Mexi Kalye

Featuring a spacious open area, the food park is lined with various food stalls you can choose from. Mexi Kalye, for example, serves favorite Mexican snacks from Nachos (P110, ~USD2.27) to Quesadilla (P110, ~USD2.27), and Le Petite Parisienne is a wine cellar, deli, and events place where you can sample wines such as ML Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 (P690, ~USD14.26 per bottle) and eat Filipino dishes. 

When you’re bringing a vehicle with you, no need to worry about the hassles of finding a space – the park also has a spacious parking area. 

Address: E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue cor. Cordillera St., Brgy. Doña Josefa, Quezon City, 1113, Metro Manila
Opening hours: 4.30PM-10PM, Daily

Restaurants with al fresco dining spaces in Metro Manila

It’s sad that we have to take extra care with every outdoor activity we do today including dining, but thankfully, restaurants with al fresco dining spaces in Metro Manila are not only suitable in the time of COVID-19, but they also help us feel more relaxed with their ambience and spacious facilities. 

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Cover image adapted from: La Cathedral Cafe, @nikkei_nama_bar,  LE VILLAGE The Lifestyle Food Park 


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