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ag.KAPI.ta in Mangatarem, Pangasinan Is An Al Fresco Cafe In The Middle Of A Rice Field

ag.KAPI.ta in Mangatarem

If you’re headed north any time soon, there’s a cafe that will let you experience a glimpse into probinsya (province) life – ag.KAPI.ta in Pangasinan.

The cafe recently went viral for taking al fresco to the next level, located in the middle of rice fields in Mangatarem. Sure, it’ll have you crossing rice fields but it will also give you relaxing views and a wide selection of drinks and food, making it worth your while.

Located in the middle of rice fields

ag.kapi.ta location
An aerial view of the path to ag.KAPI.ta.
Image credit: ag.KAPI.ta

To get to ag.KAPI.ta, you’ll have to cross rice fields on a narrow bamboo bridge – an experience you won’t get at most cafes. Don’t be too intimidated by the walk to the cafe, though, as it’s not too far from the highway. But still, make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

ag.kapi.ta bamboo bridge
Bamboo bridge.
Image credit:@brewingplaces

With just a little bit of effort, you’ll be rewarded with a relaxing view of rice fields and mountains from the cafe.

Al fresco dining

ag.kapi.ta food park
Al fresco dining.
Image credit: ag.KAPI.ta

The cafe’s seats are all outdoors so you can best enjoy the view and the fresh air. Since it’s an open space, remember to wear sunscreen when you go.

The best time to visit ag.KAPI.ta is in the morning as soon as they open so you can enjoy your coffee with the cool breeze of the fields. You can also go late in the afternoon to watch the sunset.

Budget-friendly drinks and pastries

Coffee and waffles
Coffee and waffles.
Image credit: ag.KAPI.ta

Besides its views, another reason to visit ag.KAPI.ta is its affordable drinks and pastry offerings.

They serve coffee (P70, ~USD1.27) made with local beans from Sagada and Kalinga, perfect for early mornings. Meanwhile, espresso-based drinks such as lattes start at P65 (~USD1.18).

Those who don’t drink coffee can get local hot chocolate (from P105, ~USD1.91) iced or hot. Other non-coffee drinks include tea, frappes, and a variety of lemonade.

As for food, they have classic and flavored waffles starting at P35 (~USD0.64). They also sell cakes sliced or whole. The trendy Burnt Basque Cheesecake starts at P100 (~USD1.81) a slice.

Dishes from other local businesses

Image credit: LAB PARES HUB

ag.KAPI.ta’s location is actually a food park, so there are plenty of other food options for you to choose from besides the cafe’s pastries.

To taste local cuisine, try pigar-pigar or beef stir-fry. You’ll also find a variety of international food, from Korean corndogs to shawarma to chili crab.

For an approachable dish, get fried noodles you can customize to suit your taste. Choose your preferred flavor from teriyaki, sweet chili, peanut, and more, and get as many toppings as you want, including siomai (dumplings) and kikiam (sausage).

Cafe in a food park amid rice fields

When you’re out exploring Pangasinan, don’t miss out on the unique cafe experience ag.KAPI.ta has to offer.

You’ll never know when else you’re going to experience crossing rice fields to visit a trendy cafe.

Address: Daang Kalikasan, Mangatarem, Pangasinan
Opening hours:
7am-10pm, Daily
0939 744 3409
ag.KAPI.ta’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: ag.KAPI.ta