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Suteki Japanese Restaurant, Cavite: Affordable Ramen, Tempura, & Unli Maki For Japanese Food Lovers

Japanese restaurant in Cavite

As tempting as authentic Japanese food sounds, they tend to break our wallets at times. Thankfully, there are places that serve crowd favorite dishes from ramen to maki that’re still within the budget.

Check out Suteki Japanese Restaurant in Silang, Cavite where you can eat ramen, tempura, and even unlimited maki to satisfy your Japanese food craving.

Affordable dishes from ramen to maki

Suteki Japanese Restaurant - various Japanese dishes to choose from
Image adapted from: @samantharivero10 and @samantharivero10

All year round, the restaurant offers a variety of Japanese dishes such as donburi, nigiri sushi, and sashimi that you can choose from.

ramen and ebi tempura
Image adapted from: @bb.annamarie and Arnold Cruz

If you’re a big fan of ramen and ebi tempura, then you’ll love it here. From Miso Ramen (P310, ~USD5.58) to Tantanmen (P340, ~USD6.12), you can get any kind of ramen for a 20% discount. Also, you can get Ebi Tempura (P280, ~USD5.04) for 30% off.

unlimited makiImage credit: Russinator 13

Maki lovers can get unlimited maki for P199 (~USD3.58) only, so you can enjoy as much maki as you want from the California to their Suteki Special maki as you dine at the restaurant.

Al fresco dining

Suteki Japanese Restaurant - al fresco dining
Image credit: Jaco Daguio

The restaurant offers an al fresco dining space where you can enjoy the fresh air in Cavite. You can also choose to sit in the booths or at the bar for comfort.

Japanese aesthetic

Suteki Japanese Restaurant - Japanese aesthetic
Image adapted from: @shandumps_ and @shandumps_

Aside from al fresco dining, you’ll feel as if you’re in Japan thanks to the entrance’s signature red color, a decorative sakura (cherry blossom) tree, and the dark wooden furniture.

IG-worthy Japanese restaurant
Image credit: @shanlipuff_

Feel free to snap a quick photo and prank that distant friend to make them think that you’re in Japan.

Suteki Japanese Restaurant in Cavite

Go to Suteki Japanese Restaurant when you come to Silang, Cavite for a great Japanese dining experience.

You’ll not only experience Japanese culture from the food, but also from the surroundings.

Address: 128 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Silang, Cavite
Contact: 0966 760 0152 | 0969 590 0025

Suteki Japanese Restaurant’s Facebook page

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Cover image adapted from: Jaco Daguio, @bb.annamarie, and Russinator 13