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#CovidIwasanItiktokNaYan: Lipa City Introduces TikTok Challenge, Top 10 Winners Win Grocery Items

Lipa City’s TikTok challenge

Bored people stuck in quarantine are turning to the video-sharing application TikTok to ease their boredom, but Lipa City in Batangas is driving our national TikTok fandom to the next level.

As part of the local government unit’s campaign to encourage locals to stay at home and spread positivity, Mayor Eric Africa introduced a TikTok challenge to Lipa City residents to complete from 3PM to 9PM of 31st March on his Facebook page. 

The rules of the TikTok challenge 

The mechanics of the challenge are easy: Lipaeños were asked to post their video entries that should not exceed 30 seconds in the mayor’s page using the hashtag #COVIDIwasanItiktokNaYan (Avoid COVID, Just Tiktok It).

The top 10 TikTokers won grocery items

Staying safe at home and spreading positivity was unexpectedly rewarding for the 10 lucky winners of the city’s TikTok challenge, who received thousands of pesos worth of groceries altogether as prizes. 

First place went to a healthcare frontliner



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The winners were ranked according to the number of heart reactions to their TikTok videos. The first place went to Annielyn Reyes, a nurse at Mary Mediatrix Medical Center, who was seen dancing in her Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suit with her fellow frontliners

As she won first place with 9,000 heart reactions, she received the most coveted prize of P3,000 worth of groceries. 

Half of this came from my own choreo lol #@TikTok Philippines #foryou #foryourpage #fyp @@Tiktok Philippines

Half of this came from my own choreo lol #@TikTok Philippines #foryou #foryourpage #fyp @@Tiktok Philippines

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Second place went to 19-year-old Jomel Landicho who got 1,300 reactions to his dancing TikTok video

And 26-year-old Mikee Amazona’s impersonation of broadcaster Mike Enriquez earned him 1,000 reactions and placed him at 3rd. Winners of the 2nd to the 10th place each received P500 worth of groceries. 

‘Well-deserved win’

The comments on Mayor Africa’s post announcing the winners were filled with good vibes. Most Lipaeños congratulated Reyes for a well-deserved win, while netizen Vilma Cueto even said she couldn’t help but cry while watching Reyes dance with her fellow frontliners.


Lipaeños reaction to the TikTok challenge
Image credit: Mayor Eric B. Africa

Spreading positivity in the time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is indeed a grave situation for everyone, but we can give ourselves a break from negativity by spreading helpful messages about health and hygiene while having fun. 

Finding time to keep our spirits high, like what our fellow Lipaeños did, is also a way to take care of our mental health. 

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Cover image adapted from: Mayor Eric B. Africa