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PetPal: A Hassle-Free Digital Service For Your Fur Baby’s Healthcare

PetPal Digital Solutions

For many of us, our pets are part of the family. And like family members, we want to provide them with the best care services available to us.

Well, now these services are within the reach of your fingertips. Introducing PetPal, the new digital platform for your fur babies. This pet-centered app is the new offering from Globe’s corporate venture builder, 917 Ventures.

PetPal is designed especially for pet owners to have hassle-free consultations and assistance for their pets’ health concerns.

All-in-one digital pet care

PetPal digital solutionImage credit: @tysontubban via Instagram

PetPal is an all-in-one digital website to address the health needs of your pets.

According to 917 Ventures’ Head of Ideation and Acceleration, Glenn Estrella, “More than two-thirds of households in the country have a pet, the highest in Asia. Majority of them have more than one. Pets are members of the family and with PetPal we are bringing together all the providers and pet owners under one platform. Your pet’s health is our reason for being – a healthy pet, a better world.”

PetPal service and catsImage credit: @ajsanchezjr via Instagram

Health-related pet services can be booked conveniently through the platform.

Their services include online consultations, home vet visits, home vaccinations, and offline booking with partnered veterinarians across Metro Manila.

Another great thing about it is they offer daily services from 8am to 9pm.

Anywhere in the Philippines

PetPal dog
Image credit: @dixiedoo.kape via Instagram

Aside from Metro Manila, PetPal’s services are also available nationwide.

They partnered with licensed veterinarians in the Philippines to ensure that every pet in the country can receive the care they deserve.

CatsImage credit: @ajsanchezjr via Instagram

Soon, a PetPal mobile app will be available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Aiming to be the go-to solution for fur parents, a comprehensive online pet profile to document their pet’s healthcare journey, record medicine intake, and track vaccinations are some of the features the app will offer.

PetPal – stress-free pet care

PetPal aims to make pet care accessible online and offline – a big help for fur moms and dads around the country.

Instead of worrying about the health of their fur babies, fur parents can feel at ease knowing there’s a digital healthcare they can call conveniently.

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PetPal’s Website | Facebook | Instagram

Cover image adapted from: @tysontubban via Instagram