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Kalyehon Café In Imus, Cavite Is A Gallery & Café That Serves Minimalist Food Under P200 For Art Lovers

Kalyehon Cafe – gallery and cafe

Most of the time, everyone – especially art enthusiasts – enjoys looking around at art fairs, museums, and galleries, but it’s also pleasant to have somewhere we can go to when we want to take a breather or even fill our stomachs with food.

If you feel like going to a gallery and at the same time, a cafe that serves food and drinks to fuel your creativity, head to Kalyehon Cafe in Imus, Cavite, a gallery and a cafe in one place.

Minimalist wooden structure

Kalyehon Cafe, Cavite - narrow lane
The way to Kalyehon Cafe.
Image adapted from: Kalyehon Cafe and Kalyehon Cafe

Based on the Spanish word callejon (narrow lane), you’ll be going through a narrow lane that’ll lead you to the cafe’s location. You’ll know you’ve arrived once you see the wooden fences and the vintage-looking metal stand with the cafe’s name.

Kalyehon Cafe, Cavite - minimalist wooden structure
Image adapted from: Kalyehon Cafe and @melanieesprs

Upon entering, you’ll quickly take note of the overall minimalist structure along with the wooden furniture, steps, and door. As you walk around the cafe, you’ll see more tables and seats, now in a garden-like setting with the added metal seats and shade for protection from the sun.

Kalyehon Cafe, Cavite - coffee station
Image credit: Kalyehon Cafe

Inside, there’s a coffee station and barista near the entrance to the gallery itself. You can sit and relax or start walking in the gallery while waiting for your order to be served.

Art gallery

Kalyehon Cafe, Cavite - art gallery
Showcases in the past months.
Image adapted from: @tarapuntatayodito and @melanieesprs

As you walk in, you’ll be met with various paintings, sculptures, or figures displayed neatly as you start looking around. Do note that the showcases change every month so the gallery will feature pieces made by different artists.

Kalyehon Cafe, Cavite - gallery for taking photos
Image credit: @melanieesprs

Also, the artworks and pieces around you make for great photos, especially if you take a photo of a piece you may find fascinating.

Minimalist, artsy food

Kalyehon Cafe, Cavite - minimalist food
Image adapted from: @yszabel23 and Kalyehon Cafe

Following the overall concept, the cafe serves up affordable minimalist food and drinks with an artsy look to them such as their bottled coffee drinks (from P115-P155, ~USD2.15-USD2.89) and dan bing (Taiwanese-style savory crepe) (P80, ~USD1.49).

If in season, try their ube macapuno latte or the strawberry mocha latte both priced at P150-P160 (~USD2.80-USD2.99).

The bottled drinks are perfect if you’re on the go, but if you’re dining in, you can go for their usual coffee drinks to go with your food.

Kalyehon Cafe in Cavite

If you’re an art lover who’s on a budget and looking for a gallery that has quick and easy access to an al fresco dining cafe, go to Kalyehon Cafe in Cavite.

Let the creativity around you inspire you to create your own art.

Address: 147 Legazpi-Sanez Street, Medicion 2A, Imus City, Cavite
Opening hours: Mon–Tue, Thu–Sun 1pm–10pm | Closed Wednesdays
Telephone: 0917 555 6093
Email: [email protected]

Kalyehon Cafe’s Facebook | Instagram

Cover image adapted from: Kalyehon Cafe and @melanieesprs