La Union Surfing Break 2022

Surfing season is almost here. So, if you missed the La Union Surfing Break that had been put on hold during the pandemic, you’re in for a huge treat.

La Union Surfing Break is finally returning with a festival that spans all 4 weekends in October 2022, instead of the usual 3 days. The event has also grown to 4 towns in the province – Agoo, Caba, Bacnotan, and San Juan – from only 3 towns in 2019.

What is the La Union Surf Break?

La Union Surfing Break - reese lansangan
Reese Lansangan during the La Union Surf Break 2019.
Image credit: @launionsurfingbreak

La Union Surfing Break, or simply Surf Break, is a music and arts festival, like our local, seaside Coachella.

La Union Surfing Break -
Over October during the La Union Surf Break 2018.
Image credit: @launionsurfingbreak/Jeremy Caisip/Paul Tubera

The festival is named that way because it’s timed during university students’ semestral break. It also marks the start of surfing season in La Union.

What to expect

La Union Surfing Break - surfing lessonsSurf lessons.
Image credit: @launionsurfingbreak/Jeremy Caisip/Paul Tubera

More than a series of concerts that feature local music artists, there’s so much more to the La Union Surf Break. You can enter contests on social media to win gift certificates to dining spots along Urbiztondo Beach in San Juan.

To balance out your nights of partying, join surf lessons and other sports and wellness events such as yoga classes during the daytime.

beach volleyball
Beach volleyball.
Image credit: @launionsurfingbreak/Jeremy Caisip/Paul Tubera

There are also Eco Patrol events such as coral and mangrove planting activities and beach clean-up drives, so you can help preserve La Union’s natural beauty.

Catch a break and catch the waves in La Union

If you’re craving a social kind of break, start packing your bags for the La Union Surf Break.

Each weekend in October is filled with events, so you won’t find yourself bored for a single moment.

La Union Surfing Break schedule:

7-9 October 2022
Agoo Fishport, San Isidro, Agoo, La Union

14-16 October 2022
San Carlos Beach, Caba, La Union

20-22 October 2022
Galongen-Quirino Beach, Bacnotan, La Union

28-30 October 2022
Urbiztondo Beach & San Juan Town Plaza, San Juan, La Union

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