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8 Things To Do In Oriental Mindoro For A Trip With Mountain Hikes, Cultural Tours, & Festivals

Things to do in Oriental Mindoro

When traveling to Oriental Mindoro, many immediately head straight to Puerto Galera, where most beach resorts and tourist attractions are located, but really, there is much to be explored in other towns such as Baco and Bulalacao.

Here are eight things you can do in Oriental Mindoro – for adventurers who like to engage in fun, cultural, or educational activities throughout your vacation.

1. Go resort-hopping in Puerto Galera

Tamaraw Beach Resort
Image credit: Jaya Fanoga

Upon setting foot upon Oriental Mindoro, you can head right away to Puerto Galera for resort-hopping, as some resorts are just minutes away from one another.

Infinity Resort & Spa
Image credit: Jaya Fanoga

For example, if you went to Tamaraw Beach Resort, you’ll find that the next resort Infinity Resort & Spa is only a few minutes ride away. That way, you can enjoy the beach in one resort and plunge into a massive pool in the other.

White Beach
Image credit: Jaya Fanoga

You can even go beach-hopping in between resorts as you can can land on a different beach just through walking and exploring the grounds. White Beach is only a few minutes drive from Infinity Resort & Spa, where you can go through different food spots and take photos with its famous Puerto Galera sandcastle.

Address: Aninuan, Western Nautical Hwy, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
Opening hours: 8AM–7PM, Daily
Telephone: 0917 504 8679 and 0939 924 5862

Tamaraw Beach Resort Facebook

Address: Talipanan, Puerto Galera 5203, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone: 0919 993 3449 and 0917 792 6353

Infinity Resort & Spa website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Go on hikes from Mount Malasimbo to Mount Halcon

Mount Malasimbo

Image adapted from John Andrew Señorin and John Andrew Señorin

Apart from beaches, you can go on a hike if you want something more thrilling. Explore the trails of Mount Malasimbo in Puerto Galera, where you can immerse yourself in a view that’ll be worthwhile as you reach the top.

As the mountain is home to the indigenous Mangyan tribes, feel free to greet and interact with them as you climb.

Mount Halcon 
Image credit: Gecarl Binongo

Or to make the most out of your hike, challenge yourself to climb the highest mountain in Mindoro – Mount Halcon in Baco. Once you reach the top, you’ll find yourself on the mountain that divides Oriental and Occidental Mindoro.

Image credit: Gecarl Binongo

While some mountains are only ideal for day hikes, you can bring your own camping gear to Mount Halcon if you want to stay the night.

Dulangan River 
Image adapted from Allan Sampot and Gem Valenzuela Portillas

What’s more, you’ll also be able to pass by Dulangan River as you climb, a refreshing way to take a break before reaching the top. You can take a quick dip or carefully climb the bigger boulders to take photos.

In doing this activity, always make sure to be in proper attire such as hiking shoes and insulated gloves and bring the right gear such as a grappling hook or rope that can help you climb more easily and safely. Also, it’s useful for beginners to have a guide who can walk you through the hike and tell you fun facts about the mountain.

3. Visit natural wonders from Tamaraw Falls to Pocanil Rock Formation

Tamaraw Falls
Image adapted from Jaya Fanoga and Jaya Fanoga 

For a leisurely adventure, you can simply take a drive and stop to visit the natural wonders of Oriental Mindoro such as Tamaraw Falls in Puerto Galera, where you can go down to take photos or dip your feet in the water for a short while.

Pocanil Rock
Image credit: Lakbay Oriental Mindoro 

On the other hand, visit Pocanil Rock Formation in Bulalacao for rock climbing, rappelling, or even exploring in the caves. Additionally, Pocanil Beach Resort is just around the corner if you’re looking for more activities around the location such as kayaking or snorkeling.

What’s more, Pocanil Beach Resort offers and serves as a jump-off point for island-hopping boat tours from Buyayao Island to Aslom Island ranging from P1,700-P8,000 (~USD32.42-USD152.52).

Address: Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone: 0912 590 8757

Pocanil Beach Resort Facebook

4. Buyayao Island – tropical jungle, crystal-clear waters, and free diving

Image credit: Allyssa Mae Pilares

From Pocanil, explore the largest island in Oriental Mindoro Buyayao Island in Bulalacao, where the water is crystal-clear and perfect for free diving as you can see the coral reefs and marine life beneath.

Image credit: Noel Manzo Artiola Jr.

Also, for a memorable adventure, you can request a guided tour to safely experience wildlife as you roam in a tropical jungle.

Address: Buyayao Island, 5214 Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone: 0935 324 5804 and0946 314 6268

Buyayao Island Facebook

5. Watch colorful festivals such as the Bahaghari Festival and Sulyog Festival

Bahaghari Festival in Pinamalayan
Image adapted from Lakbay Oriental Mindoro and Lakbay Oriental Mindoro 

For something cheery, take the time to watch colorful festivals that Oriental Mindoro has to offer. Pinamalayan has the Bahaghari (rainbow) Festival that showcases people’s strength and harmony, like the colors of the rainbow, against life’s challenges.

This festival occurs every 25th April, when the park is full of festivities and dances are performed on the streets accompanied by colorful floats.

Sulyog Festival
Image credit: Lakbay Oriental Mindoro 

Meanwhile, Sulyog (suli for banana and niyog for coconut) Festival serves as a thanksgiving festival for the main agricultural crops of Bongabong – banana and coconut.

You can engage in these festivals as there are dances, cultural presentations and activities, and sometimes, you can even try banana and coconut products that they’re known for as they are handed out or sold to you. This festival happens every 15th March, and is also celebrated through street performances.

6. Challenge yourself to walk across the Tukuran Hanging Bridge

Tukuran Hanging Bridge
Image credit: Tripadvisor 

If you want an adventure that’s both leisurely and thrilling, take a shot at crossing the Tukuran Hanging Bridge in Puerto Galera that’s hanging over a river. Bear in mind that the bridge is a bit old. Though it’s still safe, the thrill is in its wobbly movement as you walk through it.

Tukuran Falls
Image credit: Jean Pierre Lebois

What’s more, it’s a fun way to explore before reaching Tukuran Falls, where you can take a refreshing dip and take photos.

7. Engage in cultural tours at Mangyan villages

Iraya Mangyan village
Image credit: Lakbay Oriental Mindoro

For something more cultural, take a tour around Mangyan villages in Puerto Galera or Mansalay, where everything is handcrafted – such as bags and baskets – by the indigenous Mangyan communities residing in different parts of Mindoro.

Apart from their independent writing system, their arts and crafts are another way in which they preserve their culture.

8. Learn more about the province’s agriculture at Gabutero Organic Farm

Gabutero Organic Farm
Image adapted from Joon Mier da Mienta and Jefferson Biccay

As Mindoro is also known for its agriculture, head to Gabutero Organic Farm in Bongabong to learn more about how the  agriculture in the province is maintained.

Aside from the greenhouses and flowers, you’ll also see a wide range of crops along the plains of the farm as well as fishing ponds.

Address: JGW6+V5F, Sitio Tubigan, Barangay Labonan, Bayan ng Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro
Opening hours: Daily, 9AM–5PM
Telephone: 0936 093 5866

Gabutero Organic Farm’s Facebook

Things to do in Oriental Mindoro

Remember these eight things to do when you head to Oriental Mindoro, where you can go hiking, island hopping, or just simply exploring wherever your feet land you.

Safe travels!

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Cover image adapted from Jefferson Biccay, Lakbay Oriental Mindoro, and Lakbay Oriental Mindoro 

Jaya Fanoga

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