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9 Tattoo Shops in the Philippines You Can Get Inked At For Meaningful Or Quirky Artwork On Your Skin

Tattoo shops in the Philippines

Whether it’s your first time or the twentieth, getting permanent artwork on your skin should only be done by experts from reputable tattoo shops.

Good thing the Philippines has a surplus of skin ink artists, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of tattoo shops in the Philippines that you can visit when you feel the “itch” to get inked.

What do I need to know before getting a tattoo?

Getting a tattoo is a big decision, so it’s important to take note of some key things before you get them. First off, make sure to do your research. You can check out designs or create one that speaks to you, and find a reputable artist or shop to get tattooed. It’s also best to stay hydrated beforehand to ensure a smooth procedure and proper recovery afterward.

When it comes to scheduling an appointment, most tattoo artists prefer clients to plan ahead. You can visit the tattoo shop, their website, or contact them directly to reserve your slots. Remember to wear loose and breathable clothing on the day of your appointment to keep yourself comfortable during the session.

While there are no specific laws about tattoos in the Philippines, it’s best to check out establishments that follow the safety rules and regulations set by the Department of Health (DOH). As it goes without saying, it’s likely that customers aged below 18, who are unaccompanied by a consenting adult, will not be accepted.

Make sure to bring a valid ID to prove your age, as reputable tattoo shops strictly adhere to this rule. It’s also a good idea to check the hygiene and sanitation practices of the tattoo parlor before getting inked to ensure that you’re walking into a safe environment. Following these steps will help you have a positive tattoo experience and come out with a beautiful artwork on your body.

How are tattoos viewed in the Philippines?

Tattooing in the Philippines has a cultural significance that dates back to centuries. The traditional Filipino tattoo called “batok” is commonly worn among indigenous ethnic groups. And these tattoos are not just decorative. They give a deeper understanding of status, achievements, and spiritual beliefs within the tribes.

Today, tattoos in the Philippines, including traditional tattoos, are more acknowledged and are widely recognized as an art form of expression. While the older generations may still associate tattoos with negative connotations such as rebellion or crime, younger Filipinos see tattoos as a way to express themselves and their creativity.

Overall, the attitude towards tattoos in the Philippines has improved, with greater acceptance and appreciation for the art form. Whether they’re traditional or contemporary, tattoos occupy a prominent place in Philippine culture as a form of self-expression.

1. Tattoo Nebula – millennial & gen Z-friendly space in Parañaque

Tattoo Nebula Studio

Image credit: Tattoo Nebula via Facebook

Tattoo Nebula artists usually design modern-minimalist styles that are really popular among the younger generation. They also guarantee the usage of cruelty-free ink that is vegan friendly and hasn’t been tested on animals, so you know you’re not contributing to inhumane practices.

You can get inked the modern way with a tattoo gun or ask for traditional hand-poked skin art, and while there, you might as well try out a piercing or two. We recommend this shop for first-timers or those who want minimalist tattoos in the south of the metro.

Manga panel tattoo

Image credit: Tattoo Nebula via Facebook

Rates at Tattoo Nebula start at P2000 (~USD38.97) for a 2×2 inch piece, but prices vary depending on design, so consult with your artist first.

Address: 2nd Floor, 295 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque 1700
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 10am-7pm (Closed Mondays)
Contact: 0998 557 4421 | Tattoo Nebula’s website

Tattoo Nebula Facebook | Instagram

2. Vimana Tattoo – hyper-realistic tattoos in Tomas Morato

Vimana Tattoo shop in Tomas Morato
Image credit: Vimana Tattoo

When you visit Vimana Tattoo in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, you’ll notice the Hindu-Buddhist elements that make up the place’s light and calming vibe, a significant contrast to the stereotypical dark and metal tattoo parlor aesthetic.

However, their shop is only a prelude to the tattoos you can get from their artists; which generally include intricate yet precise, crisp linework on single-needle styles and smooth shading on realistic designs. You should drop by their studio if you want to get a modern-looking tattoo.

Moon snake tattoo
Image credit: @vimanatattoostudioph via Instagram

Rates at Vimana Tattoo start at P3,000 (~USD58.40) for a 2×2 piece, but prices vary depending on design, so consult with your artist first.

Address: 3rd Floor, 186, 1103 Tomas Morato Ave, Diliman, Quezon City
Opening hours: 11am-11pm, Daily
Contact: 0956 198 9831

Vimana Tattoo Instagram

3. Fiftyfive Tinta (55Tinta) – tattoo shop in La Union, Makati, and QC

Medusa head tattoo
Image credit: Fiftyfive Tinta Pilipinas via Facebook

If you’re in La Union, Makati, or Quezon City, consider getting inked at Fiftyfive Tinta (55Tinta) since they have skilled and veteran artists who can translate different art styles onto your skin.

Before the delicate lines of single-needle tattoos became popular, people got tattoos with dark and bold lines that holdup great within a lifetime. You can get the same thing and more from 55tinta artists, just reach out to them for a consultation.

Maginhawa, Quezon City
Address: 2nd Floor, TKC Square, 107 Maginhawa, Diliman, Quezon City
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 1pm-10pm | Fri-Sun 12pm-12am
Contact: 0908 873 3871

Poblacion, Makati
Address: Unit 1 GF, Villa Caridad 1, 5883 Enriquez, Brgy. Poblacion, Makati
Opening hours: 1pm-10pm, Daily
Contact: 0918 858 0020

Urbiztondo, La Union
Address: The Great Northwest Philippines, Travel Stop & Viewing Deck, MacArthur Hwy, San Juan, La Union
Opening hours: Mon, Wed-Thu 10am-8pm | Fri-Sun 10am-11pm (Closed Tuesdays)
Contact: 0947 994 7114

55Tinta website | Facebook | Instagram

4. Skink by Joseph Tadifa – solo tattoo artist in Baguio

Realistic polaroid pictures on an arm sleeve
Image credit: Joseph Tadifa via Facebook

Skink is the brainchild of Baguio-based tattoo, graffiti, and visual artist, Joseph Tadifa. He primarily creates large-scale tattoos, hyperrealism, watercolor tattoos, and cover-ups.

If you’re traveling to Baguio and want to get inked with a distinct art in black and gray or vibrant color, schedule with Skink by Joseph Tadifa via email or Facebook Messenger.

Contact: 0917 659 0909

Joseph Tadifa Facebook | Instagram

5. Needlepoint Tattoo – traditional and cosmetic tattoos

Hanya tattoo

Image credit: Needlepoint Cebu Tattoo Studio via Facebook

Aside from tattooing art on skin, Needlepoint Tattoo also offers cosmetic tattooing through scalp micro-pigmentation, which creates an illusion of having fuller hair or stubble for balding people.

Scalp micro-pigmentation tattoo
Image credit: Needlepoint Cebu Tattoo Studio via Facebook

Their studio is right in the middle of uptown Cebu City, so you don’t have to worry about getting there when you’re in town. And you can also fill up a form there for a price quotation and design consultations.

Address: 107 Pres. Quezon St. Villa Aurora, Kasambagan Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 1pm-6pm (Closed Sundays)
Contact: (032) 407 5175 | Needlepoint Tattoo’s website

Needlepoint Cebu Tattoo Studio Facebook | Instagram

6. Rad Tattoo Siargao – get inked before you leave Siargao

Inside Rad Tattoo Siargao

Image credit: RAD Tattoo Siargao via Facebook

As the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao attracts many tourists and surfers who are also looking for the best kind of souvenir to take home. Well, what’s more permanent than ink on your skin from RAD Tattoo Siargao?

Sternum tattoo

Image credit: Rad Tattoo Siargao via Facebook

They have great artists who can do any design but don’t forget to communicate with your artists to achieve your vision. It’s also best to drop by this tattoo shop at the end of your trip; since new tattoos create micro-abrasions, it’s not wise to swim after getting them because you can catch an infection from the open waters.

Address: Tourism road, General Luna, Siargao, Surigao del Norte
Opening hours:
9.30am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 0956 570 4735

RAD Tattoo Siargao Facebook | Instagram

7. InkDigger – surprise tattoo in Davao City

A mushroom micro tattoo from the surprise lot
Image adapted from: @inkdiggertattoo, @inkdiggertattoo via Instagram

Sometimes wanting to get a tattoo is hampered by choosing the design, but not every tattoo needs to be teeming with meaning. That’s why Ink Digger Tattoo offers surprise micro-tattoos for only P500 (~USD9.72), where you draw from a lot and have the design you randomly selected inked on you.

Black and gray dragon full-sleeve

Image credit: @inkdiggertattoo via Instagram

But you don’t have to worry because the artists at this tattoo shop in Davao make sure they only put high-quality art on every client’s skin. Visit Ink Digger Tattoo whenever you feel adventurous with your ink ideas.

Address: 2F Tristar Bldg., Buhangin, Davao City, Davao del Sur
Opening hours:
10am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 0935 062 6568

Ink Digger Tattoo Facebook | Instagram

8. Apo Whang-Od in Buscalan – ethnic hand-tapped tattoo

Apo Wang-Od hand tapping a tattoo
Image credit: Apo Whang Od via Facebook

Although technically not a tattoo shop, Apo Whang-od in Buscalan village, Kalinga, is the home to the art of ethnic hand-tapped tattoos that historically signify the tribespeople’s prowess in battle.

For years, Apo Whang-od remained the last mamababatok (hand-tapped tattoo artist) from the Butbut tribe. Until recently, her nieces decided to learn the art thanks to the number of people wanting to get inked the traditional way.

Getting tattooed the mambabatok way merits its own article because it is a complete journey. But for now, all you have to know is to get one is to visit Kalinga and hike to Buscalan Village.

Address: Buscalan Village, Tinglayan, Kalinga, CAR

Apo Whang Od Facebook

9. Art Mood – tattoo and piercing bundles in Pasig

Image adapted from: Art Mood, Art Mood via Facebook

The Art Mood tattoo and piercing shop is the shop you can check out if you want to get multiple tats at an affordable price. They offer a range of bundles, starting at P1,499 (~USD26.48), that lets you get up to three minimalist tattoos with designs of your choosing.

Image credit: Art Mood via Facebook

Same with piercings, you can get up to three ear or nose piercings with rates starting at P699 (~USD12.35). And if you want to get their other piercing services, rates will start at P499 (~USD8.81) each.

Address: 605 Mercedes Avenue, San Miguel, Pasig
Opening hours: 12pm-11pm, Daily
Contact: 0917 183 6268

Art Mood Facebook | Instagram

How do I take care of a tattoo?

It’s important to take care of your new tattoo so it can heal properly and still look pleasing in the long run. Additionally, listen to the tattoo artist’s instructions when it comes to aftercare – they’re the ones who know best.

Once you get inked, let it rest for a few hours before washing over it with mild soap and water. You can also apply a salve or gentle moisturizer to hydrate the tattooed area.

As much as possible, avoid exposing your tattoo to direct sunlight, swimming pools, or hot water until it’s completely healed. Remember, patience is key. Keep the aftercare routine simple and let your skin heal naturally.

Get inked at these tattoo shops in the Philippines

Thanks to the more modern societal view of tattoos, anyone can express their individuality through art on their skin.

Whether you’re getting inked to signify your most meaningful life events or just for the heck of it, visit only trusted tattoo shops in the Philippines for quality artwork.

Also, check out Kermit Siargao for authentic Italian pizzaart studios in Metro Manila, and camping tents to buy in the Philippines.

Cover image adapted from: Tattoo Nebula, Joseph Tadifa, Apo Whang Od via Facebook

Article originally published by Ella Enriquez on April 2022. Last updated by Jaya Fanoga on April 2024. 



Ella Enriquez

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