Two supermoons in August

Get ready to be moonstruck! The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration’s (PAGASA) reported that, based on their astronomical diary, the night sky is set to dazzle us with not one, but two mesmerizing supermoons this month of August.

Here are the dates and the best times to keep a look out for a satisfying viewing experience.


supermoons august - supermoon
Image credit: Skyler Ewing via Pexels

If you’re not familiar with a supermoon, it’s an occasion when a full moon appears to be bigger and brighter. This is because the moon’s orbit is closer to Earth than usual, giving us an awe-inspiring lunar spectacle.

And according to research, it’s quite rare for two supermoons to occur in the same calendar month. So, this is definitely an event worth witnessing.

Dates to look out for and best time to view

supermoons august - schedule of events
Image credit: Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration’s (PAGASA)

The celestial showstoppers are set to occur at the beginning and end of August.

The first supermoon, also known as the Sturgeon Moon, will be 357,417 km away from Earth on 2nd August at exactly 1.52pm. The second supermoon, also known as the Harvest Moon, will be 357,289 km away from Earth on 30th August at exactly 11.54pm.

For the best view, you can head out in the evening as the moon rises above the horizon. Find a nice elevated area – like a balcony or on top of a hill – where you and your friends can wait and watch. Prep for a picnic, even! As it reaches its peak, the supermoon can cast a magical glow over the landscape, creating a perfect opportunity for stunning photos.

Watching the sky in August

Grab your binoculars and plan a moonlit adventure with friends and family because August 2023 is going to be twice as magnificent with the two supermoons set to illuminate the night sky.

Don’t miss the chance to witness this breathtaking celestial display. Happy moon-gazing!

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Cover image adapted from: Matheus Queiroz via Unsplash

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