7 Cafes & Restaurants In Rizal For Coffee Lovers To Hang Out With Friends & Family

Cafes and restaurants in Rizal

With summer being upon us and travel restrictions lessened, a lot of us are getting ready to get on the road or book flights going to various vacation spots.

But if you’re more of a road trip kind of person, then perhaps driving up to these 7 cafes and restaurants in Rizal to add to your itinerary if you love to drink coffee and spend time with friends or family.

1. Hideout Cafe – food & drinks priced under P140

Hideout Cafe in Antipolo
Image credit: @hideoutantipolo

If you’re looking for somewhere cozy, quiet, and intimate for hanging out with friends or family with budget-friendly food and drinks, Hideout Cafe in Antipolo is the place for you. It’s a newly opened cafe that has both indoor and outdoor dining. Walking inside, you’ll feel comfortable due to its homey look with seats that are similar to a sala set.

Variety of food and drinks sold under P140 (~USD2.72)
Image credit: @hideoutantipolo

Their Ultimate Bacon Burger is priced at P139 (~USD2.70). However, if you want to opt for meat alternatives, they serve a Crispy Burger with either chicken or fish, both priced at P99 (~USD1.92). Furthermore, if you want something spicy, have a go at their Spicy Chicken Burger for P109 (~USD2.12).

Alternatively, you can also choose from the variety of pasta dishes such as their Creamy Carbonara Pasta or Chili Garlic Pasta also sold for P99 (~USD1.92) as well as their flavored Fries priced at P79 (~USD1.54) and P89 (~USD1.73).

Aside from the food, you can choose from a variety of drinks from Italian soda to Frappes that cost from P69-P99 (~USD1.34-USD1.92).

Address: Birmingham Drive Antipolo Italy Street 1870 Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines
Opening hours: Mon, Wed–Sun 3PM-9PM | Closed Tuesdays

Hideout Cafe Facebook | Instagram

2. Kamala Cafe – al fresco dining area that overlooks Laguna Lake and the Cuyambay mountains

Al fresco dining area at Kamala Cafe
Image credit: Kamala Cafe

If you’re one of those diners who enjoy eating out with a view, waiting to see the sunset, then taking a trip to Kamala Cafe in Tanay is the ideal plan for you.

Enjoy the sunset at their al fresco dining area
Image credit: @ish__jae

The restaurant has an elevated al fresco dining area that overlooks Laguna Lake and the Cuyambay mountains, an ideal spot to be seated to bask in the sunset as you drink your cup of coffee. What’s more, the rustic, wood aesthetic proviedes a comforting mood.

Thai food served at the cafe
Image adapted from @zetha_rockz and @sweet_toothbites

You can also check out their menu if you’re a fan of Thai food. Some of their dishes include Satay Gai that can be ordered either solo for P199 (~USD3.87) or for sharing for P259 (~USD5.03). If you’re in the mood for something lighter, you can go for their Pad Thai priced at P269 (~USD5.23) and for dessert, take a shot at the Mango Sticky Rice priced at P149 (~USD2.90).

Address: Cuyambay X, Marikina-Infanta Highway 1980 Tanay, Rizal, Philippines
Opening hours: 6AM-8PM, Daily

Kamala Cafe Facebook | Instagram

3. ArtSector Gallery & Chimney Café 360 – view that overlooks the Metro Manila skyline

Image credit: ArtSector Gallery & Chimney Café 360

If you like art, enjoy a good view of the Metro Manila skyline, and food, then ArtSector Gallery & Chimney Café 360 in Binangonan is the place you’d be looking for. The cafe is located within the gallery, on its second floor.

Once you go upstairs, you’ll immediately be met with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that show a great view of the Metro Manila skyline up to the Sierra Madre mountain ranges, as the building is set on high terrain.

Art pieces located on the first floor of the gallery
Image credit: @armenaruz

Fun fact: the visual artist, Antonio Leaño, who designed the gallery is the same person who designed the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo so it may bear some resemblance to the museum in style and structure.

Address: Lot 18 Block 178 Eastridge Executive Village, Tayuman 1940 Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines
Opening hours: Tue–Sun 12.30PM-8.30PM | Closed Mondays

ArtSector Gallery & Chimney Cafe 360 Facebook | Instagram

4. Burrow Cafe – underground cafe

Burrow cafe structured underground
Image credit: Burrow Café at Antipolo Beehouse

For those who enjoy secret or hidden spots that give off The Secret Garden vibes, visiting the Burrow Cafe in Taytay will be just the place for you.

Open floor to ceiling glass doors metal chairs used in gardens
Image credit: Merci Lim

When inside the cafe, you’ll see the setup’s resemblance to a usual garden house, decorated with plants all around and dainty metal chairs and tables to rest on. The floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows are open, making the place seem warm and inviting as the sun seeps in.

You can also lounge in the hammocks for added relaxation.

Food selection at Burrow Cafe that’s arranged aesthetically
Image adapted from @t0nichi and @t0nichi

Food and drink selection also adhere to their garden theme, arranged aesthetically to make them enticing for customers to eat.

You can find more information about Burrow Cafe here.

Address: Beverly Hills Drive, 1920 Taytay, Rizal, Philippines
Opening hours: Wed–Fri 8AM-4PM | Sat 8AM-5PM | Sun 7AM-5PM | Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
Telephone: 0917 622 9795

Burrow Cafe Facebook | Instagram

5. Cafe Rizal by Peppermill – cafe inside a museum

Image credit: Butchie Diano Peña

If you find yourself getting tired from wandering around the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo, then look no further and visit Cafe Rizal by Peppermill located inside the museum.

Image credit: @bedaizzled19

Basically, you have easier access in taking a break more quickly. You can eat while still being able to observe art around you. Alternatively, you can go for the al fresco dining area if you prefer a better view of the greenery outside.

Some notable dishes include the Peppermill Signature salad with a rate of P395 (~USD7.71) and the Baked Chillean Seabass priced at P1,495 (~USD29.18).

Address: Sierra Madre St, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal, Philippines
Opening hours: Tue–Sun 10.30AM-6PM | Closed Mondays
Telephone: 0997 915 1309/86330329

6. Escalera Secret Garden Cafe – al fresco Mediterranean-themed cafe restaurant

Image credit: Escalera Café

Escalera Secret Garden Cafe in Binangonan is an ideal destination if you want to experience somewhere classy and elevated, literally speaking. It’s an elevated cafe restaurant with an all al fresco setup that looks slightly Mediterranean through the marble and stone aesthetic combined with wood and steel accents.

Since it’s highly elevated, be prepared to climb a flight of stairs going into this cafe restaurant. The stunning view of Laguna Lake and the skyline along with the city lights and fresh air is worth the hike.

Address: Blk 84 A lot 3 Pelican Cliff Eastridge Executive Village, Binangonan, 1940 Rizal, Philippines
Opening hours: Tue–Sun 4PM-12AM | Closed Mondays

Escalera Secret Garden Cafe Facebook

7. The Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery – craft your own coffee mug

Image credit: Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery

If you’re into crafts or art projects, then The Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery in Antipolo is the place for you.

The cafe has a pottery studio that lets you try and make your own ceramics
Image credit: Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery

Whether you dine before or after, you can choose to participate in making your own ceramics from scratch for fun or if you want to learn more about pottery.

South Asian food and Thai-inspired drink
Image adapted from @qwinnie27 and @aquamiles17

If you’re into Asian food, the restaurant offers a variety of South Asian food as well as Thai-inspired drinks. Some of the dishes include Beef Rendang priced at P280 (~USD5.46) and Vegan Keema Aloo at P270 (~USD5.27) if you want to opt for a healthier option.

Dishes served on the ceramics crafted from their pottery studio
Image credit: @laragee

Interestingly, the dishes are served on the crafted ceramics at the pottery studio.

Also, if you liked the experience, you can hone your pottery skills further with them as creative workshops are conducted at their studio regularly.

Address: Sapang Buho Rd., Brgy. Dalig 1870 Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines
Opening hours: Wed–Sun 9AM-5PM | Closed Mondays and Tuesdays
Telephone: 282345724

Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery website | Facebook | Instagram

Cafes & restaurants in Rizal

So, if you find yourself in Rizal or you simply want to explore other places you haven’t been to, then check out these seven cafes and restaurants in Rizal that’ll let you appreciate good food and coffee, art, and mother nature even more.

Happy travels and keep safe!

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Cover image adapted from Escalera Café, Butchie Diano Peña, and Merci Lim

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