7 Diet Meal Plan Services In Metro Manila For A Healthier You In 2024

Diet meal plan services

It’s a new year, and if trying a diet meal plan for a healthier 2024 is on your list of resolutions then there are a lot of meal plan services that can help you with that – from a low-carb diet to a tailored medical plan, such as for people with diabetes or hypertension.

Whether you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to plan your meals and make them or a person who doesn’t know how to whip up a meal in the kitchen, we rounded up  7 diet meal plan services in Metro Manila that offer healthy meals and snacks to make your life easier.

1. Fit Food Manila – offers a straightforward weekly menu

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Fit Food Manila is a diet meal plan service that offers a straightforward weekly menu. You can choose from their five carefully crafted meal plans – from a calorie-counted plan to a healthy heart plan. Weekly subscription plans start from P2,225 (~USD 39.45), as well as calorie options from 1, 200 calories to 1, 800 calories.

Fit Food Manila can guide you into what type of meal plan you need for your health and lifestyle. From their website, Fit Food Original focuses on calorie counting, balanced, and tasty meals; Fit Food Plus on the other hand is low sugar, low carbs, high protein, and high fiber. For Vegans, they have Fit Food Veg that’s low fat, low sodium, and low cholesterol; while Fit Food Keto has low sugar, low carbs, and high fat. Lastly, Fit Heart can help lower body weight and cholesterol.

Fit Food Manila’s website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Isabel’s – organic farm-to-table meals

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Isabel’s is a healthy meal plan service with a farm-to-table approach rooted in sustainability. If you’re an eco-conscious person, this is right up your alley. The greens for their salads and meals were grown on their farm in Alfonso, Cavite without fertilizers and pesticides. Even the meat and seafood are organic.

You can choose from different meal plans, such as the LoCal, Pescatarian, Gluten-Free, and more. LoCal is a calorie-counted meal plan that starts from P3,675 (~USD 65.39) wherein you can have Buffalo Chicken Bowl for lunch and Crab Curry Salad Wrap for dinner. You can opt for a vegan salad menu and make your power bowls keto too.

Isabel’s website | Facebook | Instagram

3. Health Kitchen Manila – pioneer of medical meal plans in the PH

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@healthkitchenmnl via Instagram

If you need a meal plan that’s tailored to your medical concerns and conditions, Health Kitchen Manila is the pioneer of medical meal plans in the Philippines. They take into account the customers’ dietary restrictions, food intolerances, allergies, and increased intake of certain foods.

Health Kitchen Manila’s highly specialized plans include a diabetic plan, renal, and GERD. Aside from that, they also offer meal plans that are perfect for vegans, ketogenic, and pescatarians. On the other hand, they also have a balanced diet and family-style meals too.

Health Kitchen Manila’s Facebook | Instagram

4. Pillow Bread PH – for tummy rest and cleansing

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If you’re planning on going on a detox, Pillow Bread PH provides different tummy rest and detox plans to help you get started on this journey. What they provide is an Ayurveda-based and plant-forward approach to creating healthy meal plans, such as the Tummy Rest Bundle (P1,900 ~USD33.79).

A three-day meal plan that can help you lessen bloating and improve your overall digestive wellness. It’s ideal for people who can’t commit to a full day or consecutive days of cleanse yet because you can still have breakfast and lunch as usual, while having their low-carb and vegan snacks and having their soup for dinner. And if you’re ready for a three-day cleanse, you can opt for the All-Liquid Snatched Waist Tummy Reset Set for P2,757 (~USD49.03) which consists of vegan drinks and soups.

Pillow Bread PH’s website | Facebook | Instagram

5. Nuthera – nutrition therapy

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Nuthera is short for “nutrition therapy” where healing and recovery from chronic diseases is their priority. Their tagline says “Thoughtfully-made, conscious ingredients, nutrient-focused” – which sums up the services they offer. Nuthera is also medically focused. So if you’re looking for diet meal plans that are diabetic-friendly or PCOS-friendly, and if you have food sensitivity, this is perfect for your needs.

According to Nuthera’s website, they follow USDA’s recommended DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet principle to stop high blood pressure. A PCOS-friendly meal plan for a week costs from P4,455 (~USD79.07), while a Paleo meal plan which is high in protein and has balanced carbs starts at P3,950 (~USD70.12). They also do custom meal planning which starts from P3,775 (~USD67).

Nuthera’s website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Pickle – healthy meals with all-natural green juice

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Pickle is a diet meal plan service that provides calorie-controlled and macro-balanced gourmet meals with an all-natural green juice. They prioritize nourishing the body with ingredients such as lean proteins, whole grains, and colorful veggies.

Their meal plans are trimmed down to three – Signature Plan (P2,496 ~USD44.29), Lean & Clean Plan (P2,652 ~USD47.05), and Performance Plan (P3,432 ~USD60.89). These starting prices are based for 4 days and 1, 200 calories. You can also upgrade your chosen meal plan with a burn juice (P1,170 ~USD20.75) or a detox juice (P936 ~USD16.60) enough for a week which are made from 100% pure barley grass and green coffee bean extract.

Pickle’s website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Lunchbox Diet – a grown-up’s lunchbox

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Lunchbox Diet is a healthier and grown-up version of our kiddie lunchboxes when we were in school. Their meal plans consist of three meals and a snack, such as the tofu spinach zucchini lasagna, and red velvet cupcake. You can choose from four meal plans – Regular Lunchbox for a low-calorie diet, Low-Carb Lunchbox with fiber-rich vegetables and high protein grains, Keto Lunchbox for faster weight loss, and a Vegetarian Lunchbox that’s completely meat-free.

If you’re on the go and need a quick meal delivery, Lunchbox Diet has Packed Meals. You can choose from breakfast bowls and fresh salad bowls to healthy rice bowls.

Lunchbox Diet’s website | Facebook | Instagram

Diet meal plan services in Metro Manila

With all the things we worry about daily, diet meal plans provide a hassle-free service on meal preparation, calorie counting, and more for your health goals. From a low-carb diet to a more medically-focused diet, you can find a healthy meal plan service in Metro Manila that can help you jumpstart or continue your journey to a healthier you in 2024.

If you want to check out more healthy food options around the metro and dine out, check out these vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Or treat yourself to eating fast food once in a while with the Jollibee menu under 350 calories.

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