Filipino Restaurant The Aristocrat Is Named One Of The “Most Legendary Restaurants in the World”

The Aristocrat is one of the “Most Legendary Restaurants in the World”

You can’t just leave the Philippines out of any discussion regarding delicious food. With diverse influences and flavor profiles, our food and restaurants consistently rank among the best in the world.

Recently, the Filipino restaurant The Aristocrat landed at #108 on Taste Atlas‘ list of “Most Legendary Restaurants in the World”. Lumpiang Shanghai (Filipino spring rolls) was also named the restaurant’s most iconic dish.

Taste Atlas’ criteria

Taste Atlas chooses “establishments that have remained relevant and highly regarded in an ever-changing culinary landscape”. These restaurants “prioritize substance over show, serving honest, no-nonsense food that is simply delectable”.

The global food guide regarded these restaurants as “destinations in their own right” and it even compared them to “the world’s most famous museums, galleries, and monuments.”

Some of the popular restaurants on the list are Katz Delicatessen in New York, Ippudo in Fukuoka, Japan, Jumbo Seafood in Singapore, Myeongdong Kyoja in Seoul, South Korea, and Yat Lok Restaurant in Hong Kong.

History of The Aristocrat

Image credit: The Wanderer via Google Maps

Before the establishment of its first restaurant, The Aristocrat began as a mobile canteen along Luneta in 1936. Its name was inspired by the founder Engracia Cruz-Reyes’ son Andy’s wealthy classmates in Ateneo.

The restaurant soon became popular for its chicken barbecue. This is eaten kamayan-style (eating with bare hands) – a solution to the issue of diners taking home cutlery.

The Aristocrat became such an institution that in 2013, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines recognized it as a historic site and they placed a historical marker at their Roxas Boulevard branch.

The Aristocrat brings pride to the Philippines

Our hearts swell with pride as one of our homegrown restaurants takes the cake as one of the “Most Legendary Restaurants in the World”. And TBH, our stomachs also can’t help but crave The Aristocrat’s lumpiang Shanghai.

Read up on the biggest Philippine brands to discover their rich history. Or, go on a stroll down memory lane with this list of childhood places in Manila that are now gone for good.

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