Christmas gift ideas in 2022

Receiving gifts is always fun – even more so when the present was bought with your interests in mind. But giving thoughtful gifts can also be challenging on the gift-giver’s end.

Save you time brainstorming and get your gifts to arrive in time for the holidays. Check out these Christmas gift ideas for 2022, including presents for home chefs, gamers, and globetrotters.

1. Amihan Organics Sunbug Screen and Healing Salve gift set – essential items for outdoorsy folks

Christmas GIft Ideas 2022 - Amihan Organics Sunbug Screen and Healing Salve
Amihan Organics Sunbug Screen and Healing Salve gift set.
Image credit: @amihanorganics

For friends and family members who are always outdoors – whether just gardening in the yard or hiking – get Amihan Organics’ Sunbug Screen and Healing Salve gift set (P600, ~USD10.44).

Sunbug Screen is an SPF30 sunscreen and insect repellent in one. Meanwhile, Healing Salve relieves small scratches, insect bites, and sunburns. Being protected from the sun and insects will surely make your loved ones love being in nature even more.

Additionally, these outdoor essentials are even environment-friendly, made with natural ingredients.

Get the Sunbug Screen and Healing Salve gift set here.

Amihan Organics’ website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Zhoutu Electric Coffee Kettle – gooseneck electric kettle for drip coffee lovers

Zhoutu Electric Coffee Kettle
Zhoutu Electric Coffee Kettle.
Image adapted from: Lazada

Gift coffee lovers the Zhoutu Electric Coffee Kettle (P2,326, ~USD40.48) for a convenient way to make drip coffee.

Its gooseneck, or thin, narrow spout, also allows more control over the amount of hot water poured into the coffee grounds.

Because it’s electric, they won’t need to boil water on a stove or in another device. So they can achieve the perfect brew, it also has a built-in temperature display to tell you if your water is at the optimal temperature for coffee.

Get the Zhoutu Electric Coffee Kettle here.

3. Chef’s Classics’ Die-Cast Iron Pans – give your favorite home chef a challenge

Christmas GIft Ideas 2022 - Chef's Classics Die-Cast Iron Pan
Chef’s Classics’ Die-Cast Iron Pans.
Image credit: Chef’s Classics

Die-cast iron pans take a bit of knowledge to cook with, but people who love to learn cooking techniques would love the challenge. So for your favorite home chef, get one of Chef’s Classics’ Die-Cast Iron Pans (from P400, ~USD6.96).

Like cast iron pans, die-cast iron pans are versatile and can be used for grills, ovens, stoves, and even induction cookers. They sustain heat for evenly cooked steaks without burning the sides but can also cook simple dishes such as fried eggs.

However, unlike the more expensive cast iron pans, these alternatives are more economical and lightweight.

Die-cast iron pans just take a bit more effort to maintain than other pans, so you can add a list of care tips with this gift. When used properly, they can last several generations, making a lasting gift.

Get Chef’s Classics’ Die-Cast Iron Pans here.

Chef’s Classics’ Facebook | Instagram

4. GRWM Cosmetics Quad Goals Ultimate Face Palette – mix-and-match palette for on-the-go makeup enthusiasts

Christmas GIft Ideas 2022 - GRWM Cosmetics Quad Goals Ultimate Face Palette
Contour palette from the collection.

Image credit: @makeupbyvince

It can be hard to brainstorm Christmas gift ideas for makeup lovers who always have updated makeup stashes. For a very new local makeup product, gift them the GRWM Cosmetics Quad Goals Ultimate Face Palettes (P749, ~USD13.03 each) which were just released on 10th November 2022.

This new collection from GRWM Cosmetics has bronzing, contouring, highlighting, and blush palettes.

But what makes the Quad Goals Ultimate Face Palettes unique are their removable pans. These allow you to mix and match your favorite shades in one palette to take with you wherever.

Get the GRWM Cosmetics Quad Goals Ultimate Face Palettes here.

GRWM Cosmetics’ Facebook | Instagram

5. Katre Tate Baguio Mini – affordable luxury for fashionistas on a budget

Christmas GIft Ideas 2022 - Katre Tate Baguio Mini
Katre Tate Baguio Mini.
Image credit: @katreandco

You know your fashionista friend will still look cute even for quick errands. So, get them one of the Tate Baguio Mini bags (P4,999, ~USD86.99) from the local bag and lifestyle brand Katre.

They have 3 bags made with Cordillera textiles and have cowhide leather straps and bag tags. The brand also offers free gold monogram stamping, so your friend will know you bought the gift with them in mind.

Katre also offers other affordable luxury bags made with cowhide leather. Check them out at Rustan’s in Makati, Gateway, and Shangri-La in Metro Manila if you want to see their bags in person before making a purchase.

Get the Katre Tate Baguio Mini here.

Katre’s website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Logitech G Aurora collection – minimalist PC peripherals for aspiring game streamers

Christmas gift ideas 2022 - Logitech G Aurora collection
Logitech G’s Aurora keyboard and gaming mouse.
Image credit: Logitech G

Make an aspiring streamer’s dreams come true this Christmas with items from Logitech G’s Aurora collection (starts at P5,995, ~USD104.33). These PC peripherals are white and minimalistic but not plain, with soft and ethereal RGB lighting.

The collection includes headphones, a gaming mic, wireless gaming mouse, and keyboards with a cute, cloud-shaped palm rest.

Select items from Logitech G’s Aurora collection are only available in a few online and offline shops in the country, so make sure get them from trusted tech stores. To get the entire collection, get them from Amazon with free shipping to the Philippines.

Get the Logitech G Aurora collection here.

Logitech G’s website | Facebook | Instagram

7. Huawei Band 7 – multi-functional smartwatch for active individuals

Huawei Band 7
Huawei Band 7.
Image credit:

If you have an active friend or family member who doesn’t own a smartwatch yet, gift them the Huawei Band 7 (P2,099, ~USD36.53).

It tracks heart rate and sleep and gathers the results of your workouts to help you find the right training plan. To update you with the latest on your work or social life, you’ll also get calls, messages, and app notifications on the device.

It’s lightweight and breathable and connects to Huawei, iOS, and Android phones. The battery can last up to 2 weeks. It also comes in 8 colorways, so you can get it in the recipient’s favorite color.

Get the Huawei Band 7 here.

Huawei Philippines’ website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Hanke Carry-On Luggage – convenient hand-carry luggage for globetrotters

Hanke Carry-On Luggage-2
Hanke 16-in carry-on luggage.
Image adapted from: Lazada

For the friend who’s always out traveling, Hanke’s 16-inch carry-on luggage (P4,826, ~USD83.98) can be a handy companion for their local and overseas travels.

It’s durable, made with polycarbonate material, and has rotating wheels for convenience. It can fit necessities, extra clothes, and even has compartments for a laptop and other devices so they’re secure at all times.

This affordable luggage comes in 4 colors – black, white, gray, and deep blue – and has a 3-year warranty, making it a steal for its price.

Get the Hanke carry-on luggage here.

9. Squishmallows – cuddly companions for kids and kids-at-heart

Christmas GIft Ideas 2022 - Squishmallows
Image credit: @kaes.mallows

It can be difficult to buy children gifts with the sheer variety of toys in the market. For something that will surely win the hearts of kids and kids-at-heart, get a Squishmallow (starts at P359, ~USD6.25).

Squishmallows are ultra-soft stuffed toys with an array of designs so you are sure to find one that fits the recipient’s personality. You can gift them several plushies at once so they can start their Squishmallow collection.

These stuffed toys come in different sizes, from 2 to 24 inches. Besides plushies, you can also find packs with several 2-inch Squishmallows and playsets with different themes.

Get Squishmallows here.

Squishmallows’ website | Facebook | Instagram

2022 Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift shopping can be extra challenging with more, diverse people to give gifts to.

But with these Christmas gift ideas above, you can find the ideal gift according that your friends and family members will be happy to receive.

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